A Few More Opinions On Troy King

Last summer King and his family watched a Braves game from a $ 2,000.00 a day luxury box, all at the expense of Alabama Power, in spite of the fact that one of King’s jobs as A.G. is arguing before the Public Service Commission in favor of lower rates for Alabama Power’s customers.

My take is here.

The B’ham News:

Alabama Power Co. treated Attorney General Troy King, his family and friends to a great Atlanta Braves outing – complete with skybox, tickets and food. The only thing missing, it seems, was King’s integrity.

The Montgomery Advertiser:

King told the Birmingham News that he saw no conflict of interest in the use of the suite, saying it was no different than a campaign contribution.

But if King doesn’t see a problem with taking special favors from a regulated utility, then he just doesn’t get it when it comes to conflicts of interest. King has a legal and moral responsibility to represent the interests of Alabama ratepayers when it comes to such regulated utilities as Alabama Power. He should not be taking anything of value from a utility, whether it is allowed by law or not.

To accept such favors from a regulated utility clearly undermines his credibility and the credibility of his office.

The Tuscaloosa News:

Someone needs to have a long, heart-to-heart talk about high ethics with Attorney General Troy King.

He either fails to grasp the concept or scoffs at it. Either failing is especially critical for a man in his position.

Finally, and most damning of all:

This guy is starting to look like the Nancey Worley of 2002-2006.

That last one is Dan’s introduction to his partial list of King’s greatest hits.

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5 Comments on “A Few More Opinions On Troy King”

  1. pops Says:

    worley? he might be lucky if thats all he is called. he could be called siegelman or scrushelman… time will tell

  2. Old Prosecutor Says:

    Obviously King is just another self promoting. self enriching politican who concept of ethnics is – if it benefits me its okay. No wonder 20+ ethnic prosecutions are being buried in his office

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  4. Dan Says:

    Thanks for the link. I wonder how long it’ll take Troy a cause to champion so he can get back to having good press in the papers.

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