Two Timing Lawyers

Imagine, for a second, that you are in a car wreck. Then your insurance company denies your claim. So you hire an attorney to fight for you. But then you discover that – while he is representing you – your attorney has been wined and dined by the insurance company. How would you feel knowing that your advocate has been accepting big time gifts and presents from your adversary? Two timed? Cheated? Screwed? Would you still trust your attorney?

With that in mind, consider this:

Attorney General Troy King and his family and friends used Alabama Power Co.’s luxury box at Turner Field free of charge for an Atlanta Braves baseball game.

A lawyer for Alabama Power said Friday that the company gave King 14 tickets for the July 28 Braves game and the use of the company’s skybox, which was occupied solely by King, his family and members of his church. Comparable boxes rent for more than $2,000 a day. . . .

King, as attorney general, represents Alabama Power’s customers before the state Public Service Commission, which decides such things as how much the power company is allowed to charge for electricity.

But don’t worry, there’s an explanation:

King said it was not a conflict of interest to accept the use of the suite at Turner Field. King said it posed no more of a conflict than taking a campaign contribution, which politicians do all the time.

Politicians also report those contributions, which no-one did here until the B’ham News discovered the story. He can call it what he wants, and this type of thing may occur all the time, but that does not make it right. He accepted a big gift from his client’s adversary. If he does not understand why that might make his client lose faith in him, well, he’s an idiot. Of course, this is the same guy who did not understand why it was improper for him to ask for favors from someone he was criminally investigating.

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6 Comments on “Two Timing Lawyers”

  1. Dan Says:

    A) I don’t like your link pictures.
    B) You should instead provide a plugin that lets me subscribe to commnets
    C) King and APCO are both douches

  2. walt moffett Says:

    Somehow, I think we will never see his name submitted for the federal bench. For whcih give thanks to Rava.

  3. wheeler Says:

    “A) I don’t like your link pictures.”

    wow. i did not even realize i had them. not sure i like it either.

  4. Dan Says:

    I might be a new wordpress thing since you’re using their server.

  5. Willie Says:

    I just have to believe that alot of Alabamians are regreting their vote for Mr King last November.

  6. jen Says:

    i like the link pictures. it makes it easier to see if i want to click on the link. i know…i’m lazy 🙂

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