Double Entendre Of The Day reports on how the anti-trans fat crusade will change donuts:

“I think you’re going to see the heavy doughnut user, if you will, walk away from the Krispy Kreme with no trans fats and say, ‘Hmm, tastes different,'” [food industry analyst Phil ]Lempert said. “It’s not that it tastes better or worse. It just tastes different.”

Hmm, “the heavy doughnut user.” Like these guys?

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One Comment on “Double Entendre Of The Day”

  1. Oh, give me a break! The average joe can’t even tell the difference between a doughnut fried in partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and one fried in plain old vegetable oil. If there is in fact a change in taste, it would require someone with a highly refined pallet that could taste an addition of hydrogen. Trans-fats do not occur in nature. Rather, they occur when manufacturers add hydrogen to fats so that they can be solidified (such as when some margarines are made). Hydrogenation is not exactly necessary for creation of any food, but it does provide a longer shelf life and a cheaper product. That’s the real reason why some food distributors are up in arms about it. They don’t mind essentially poisoning their consumers as long as they’re adding an extra $1 to their profit margin.

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