What? No Vulcan!

I’ll be withholding my vote in protest for the omission from the ballot of the world’s largest cast iron statue, but if you feel differently, here is where you can vote for the new edition of the Seven Wonders of the World.

I bet the god of the forge would have made the list if he still had his glowing-red-for-traffic-fatalities torch.

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3 Comments on “What? No Vulcan!”

  1. walt moffett Says:

    The plan to put shorts on him might have helped.

    On a more serious note, why have the bolt turn red for every homicide?

  2. wheeler Says:

    that would be awesome.

    though it might make the electric bill too high.

  3. walt moffett Says:

    Nahh just dock the plice cheif’s pay to cover it when lit.

    Interesting blog and haven’t seen an american judge like anything similar. The writer is an English magstrate.

    The Magistrate’s Blog

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