Alabama’s Craziest Politician

Who is it?  And I don’t just mean people whose politics I dislike. I mean people who leave me scratching my head, wondering in amazement, that they can even tie their own shoes. People who you know every time they open their mouths will say something ridiculous. People for whom the gap between their self perception and reality makes your average Tennessee fan look downright reasonable.    

Two front runners have been in the news this week.

After telling us on Friday that he wants to be Mayor of Birmingham, Larry Langford reports today:

Larry Langford told the Jefferson County Commission on Monday he was working to bring an NBA team to Birmingham.

Commissioner Langford said he was in discussion with a group of pro athletes to lure a team to the city. He said the plans are contingent on a multi-sport place for the team to play.

Note, Langford does not say he is in discussion with an actual team, but only that he is in discussion with some athletes who – if taxpayers hand over the cash – might agree to help Larry try to lure a team to B’ham.  Can you say “VisionLand?”

The other contender:

In her annual Christmas letter to friends, outgoing Alabama Secretary of State Nancy Worley wrote that her office was bugged.

“I had someone come in and scan the office and they found the bugs,” Worley later told the Press-Register, when asked about the letter. “I called in the folks at ABI (the Alabama Bureau of Investigation) and they said they couldn’t find anything.”

The bugs, she said, were found in her office and the office of the department’s lawyer. Worley said she has no idea who planted the bugs.

Worley declined to provide more details, saying she’s saving it for a book she’s writing about her at-times controversial four-year term as the state’s top election official.

“At-times controversial.” Uh huh. And Suzuki Man is “at times” annoying.  

Of course, there’s always Roy Moore, but his act is getting a bit old. And I don’t know if even he could top Worley. I don’t want to leave my favorite beat on boy out in the cold, either. This statement by itself puts Troy King high on the list:

In this day of rampant decadence, many homosexuals would mislead society into believing that three men, an armadillo and a houseplant create a functional family. This is clearly flawed reasoning, which will wilt under scrutiny and should be dismissed as such.

Any other nominations?

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7 Comments on “Alabama’s Craziest Politician”

  1. walt moffett Says:

    Well, there was that attorney from Shelby county who promised to run the legislature with a cattle prod if elected lt. governor and there was a Mrs Frank Ross Stewart,(?), perpetual candidate (and last of the southern grand dames) in the Anniston area. Or that mayor in west alabama who decided the town shoud sell multi million dollar industrial bonds that the state retirement system should buy. And who could forget Larry Barton who ran for governor until God told him he would be a better lt. governor.

    BTW, three men, an armadillo and a houseplant sounds like my college dorm room.

  2. I don’t know if ANYONE, even Langford, can top “Buggy” Worley. I don’t know if you’re limiting it to an individual politician, but I’d like to nominate a political entity as a whole– the Jefferson County Commission.

  3. wheeler Says:

    “the Jefferson County Commission”

    good call. but do they top the b’ham city council?

  4. walt moffett Says:

    The county commission and city council are both, hunting on baited fields.

    try H.T. Mathis, the former mayor of Florala and hoodoo priest

  5. Dystopos Says:

    Not that he’s ever been elected, but for his story alone, I have to mention Hilbun Adams.

  6. Kathy Says:

    I have to agree with the JeffCo Commission nomination — old and new members. And Troy’s concern about gays makes me wonder if he isn’t suppressing something. Maybe the desire to have sex with an armadillo — or a houseplant.

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