Word Lists

Here’s the Top Ten Words of 2006; the Top Ten Catchphrases of 2006; and the Top Ten Names of 2006.

Here is my favorite word list:

Lake Superior State University proposes an exit strategy for 2006: the 32nd annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness.

Among the banished is a phrase that us Alabamians have certainly heard ad nauseum over the last year:

GONE/WENT MISSING — “It makes ‘missing’ sound like a place you can visit, such as the Poconos. Is the person missing, or not? She went there but maybe she came back. ‘Is missing’ or ‘was missing’ would serve us better.” — Robin Dennis, Flower Mound, Texas.

I swear on the Quran Bible, I never, ever, even once used this next phrase; in fact, I have nothing but contempt for anyone who would:

WE’RE PREGNANT — Grounded for nine months.

“Were men feeling left out of the whole morning sickness/huge belly/labor experience? You may both be expecting, but only one of you is pregnant.” — Sharla Hulsey, Sac City, Iowa.

“I’m sure any woman who has given birth will tell you that ‘WE’ did not deliver the baby.” — Marlena Linne, Greenfield, Indiana.

I don’t know about you, but I get a chuckle out of advertisements for houses, like the one down the street from me that said “Exquisite” above the for sale sign. That kind of stuff will get you on the list:

BOASTS— See classified advertisements for houses, says Morris Conklin of Lisboa, Portugal, as in “master bedroom boasts his-and-her fireplaces — never ‘bathroom apologizes for cracked linoleum,’ or ‘kitchen laments pathetic placement of electrical outlets.'”

The Top Baby Names are not up yet, but judging by the last few years, I am confident my children do not have trendy names. In 2005, “Malcolm” was 535; Naomi was 142.

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4 Comments on “Word Lists”

  1. In Birmingham Says:

    While I find the first link included highly amusing, it’s painful to note that there are many, many typos included in that article. I suppose the Language Monitor should pay more attention before publication. Most glaring: misspelling VP Cheney’s last name.

  2. Willie Says:

    My favorite southern phrase, first heard on the outer banks of NC when asking for a particular dish in a cafe, was, “we’ve done give out”. Second, was a sign put up on the outskirts of my village by a local contractor upset with the town’s reg’s, “Welcome to the most worst run town in Alabama”, and it was a professionally produced sign.

  3. My daughter’s name is Isabella– a name that I chose because I grew up with the name Jennifer and didn’t want her to suffer the same fate. Just after she was born, the forms were filled out, and the outfits were monogrammed, I learned that Isabella had made the list. What’s more, I found out that some of my top choices like Gracie, Olivia, Ava, Addison, and Katelyn also made the list. I’m sticking with Addison if we have a boy, though, because my husband’s name is Adam, and Addison means “son of Adam.” Too perfect. But we may start calling Isabella either Belle or Rose (her middle name). Looking back, I probably should have stuck with Rosemary, which I liked because it reminds me of Rosemary Clooney. Just in case we have another girl– I call dibs on Claire!

  4. I loved choosing the baby’s name many years ago, but certainly never considered it a popularity contest. Hindsight is wonderful.

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