State Supremes Restore Overhead For Indigent Defense

Here’s the decision. It was 9-0. The background is here. I think I pretty much called it correctly.

For now all I want to say is that – as has happened, more than one time, in the past – Troy King’s habit of putting politics above the law has cost us big bucks.

It was his stupid AG opinion a year and a half ago that stopped the overhead payments. I’ve explained that his argument was extremely weak, and today his reasoning was rejected by all nine Supreme Court Justices.

But today’s decision does not just expose his own stupidity. The state will soon have to pay for all the overhead expenses that appointed attorneys have carried on their own over the last twenty months. Plus interest. Just to give you an idea of what the state owes, one of the attorneys in my office – who does not take a lot of appointments – told me she is due about twenty five thousand dollars in overhead for the last twenty months. That’s one attorney.

Way to go Troy!

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2 Comments on “State Supremes Restore Overhead For Indigent Defense”

  1. Kathy Says:

    He makes us proud, doesn’t he…?

  2. Old Prosecutor Says:

    Hey, he got elected didn’t he, do you really think anything else matters to him?

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