If Politicians Were College Football Teams

On the Daily Dish today:

Reader JT with too much time on his hands uses college football to handicap the 2008 Presidential race:

John Kerry = Alabama, for some reason still thinks he should be considered an elite organization but each season becomes more and more embarrassing.

Hey now! He includes all the possible candidates, but after reading this, I doubt many tide fans will have the composure to keep reading. But are they angrier that their team is called delusional? Or that it is likened to Kerry?  Which is worse? Or is the combination too inflammatory to permit further analysis?

Anyway I guess this makes Auburn GWB in 2004: Enjoying success largely because their main opponent sucks. And UAB is any libertarian candidate: Lots to offer, but never going to overcome the entrenched big boys.

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3 Comments on “If Politicians Were College Football Teams”

  1. Dan Says:

    ::sniffles:: They’re right… they’re so right ::cries shamelessly::

  2. draftsonyou Says:

    Funny you should make this precise analogy…and I think you might appreciate the parallel, but as a graduate of UAB, my in-laws mistakenly gave me an XXL “Bama” t-shirt for Christmas. Hmmm.

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