Woo Hoo!

This makes me happy:

Scott Register’s popular “Reg’s Coffee House” radio show will return to the air less than a month after it went away.

His Sunday-morning show was one of the casualties when Citadel Broadcasting pulled the plug on Birmingham alternative rock station The X at 100.5 (WRAX-FM) to make way for sports talk station WJOX-FM.

This Sunday, though, “Reg’s Coffee House” will come back on another Citadel station, Y 94.5 (WYSF-FM), which is also weekday home of syndicated “Rick & Bubba Show.”

Register’s show, which features lighter alternative music from such artists as Pete Yorn, Shawn Colvin and Ben Harper, will air every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., an hour longer than before.

Here, here, and here, are my previous posts on the death of the X and the loss of Reg. I’m so happy that his show is back that I think I’ll go buy a new cd after work today. Rock.

UPDATE: Reg says Sunday’s show will be a Christmas special. He also says this:

Also, mark your calendar for February 17th as that is the date for the Reg’s Coffee House 10th Anniversary Party at the historic (and freaking gorgeous) Alabama Theater. Patty Griffin will be headlining the show and we will be announcing other acts and more details in the coming weeks so keep your eyes and ears open.

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5 Comments on “Woo Hoo!”

  1. I saw that this morning and thought of you!

  2. Jeff Says:

    Can someone explain to me what “very left-of-center holiday songs from `Reg’s Coffee House’ artists” is?

  3. wheeler Says:

    i think what he means is songs that are more depressing than cheerful

  4. Dan Says:

    I’ve never gone. If I think about it, I’ll try to make it for the Christmas special. We’ll be in town for family stuff but don’t have an appointment until the afternoon.

  5. […] Continuing the music theme, Reg’s Coffee House. “Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakie. It’s time once again for Reg’s Coffee house, your […]

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