Update On The Garden Nazis

The woman who is about to have her property condemned and herself thown in jail because she grows spinach in her front yard does not know who turned her in to the authorities. Maybe Homewood has a chapter of Hitler’s Youth:  

You know, I sometimes think people who describe the public schools as brainwashing or indoctrination centers are overstating their case. Then a story like this comes along:

Beware Fayetteville homeowners with trash or old tires in overgrown yards: Children might be watching.

An educational program to teach kids how to spot building and property code violations — complete with colorful characters such as “Willie Weeds” and “Trashy Tina” — will be in the hot little hands of local children soon, thanks to Fayetteville city officials.

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8 Comments on “Update On The Garden Nazis”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I just cannot understand why there is a problem with someone growing vegetables in the front yard. My subdivision is full of perfectly manicured lawns (well, not completely — our yard doesn’t qualify), but one house has a lovely English garden in the front. It certainly isn’t neat, but I’ve never heard anyone complain about it.

  2. quaoar Says:

    Liberty Park is even worse.

    I was cited because my tree circles were not well defined (no, I’m not joking). So I created a border around my trees using natural stone.

    I was then told that stone is an unacceptable materials to use in borders around trees.

    I pointed out that my next-door neighbors use a lot of stone in their yard. I was informed that my neoghbor could do that because their house had a light brick color, whereas my house has a darker brick color — therefore stone is bad.

    This is how it goes in Liberty Park.

    Does anyone know where I can find a really tacky plastic Jesus about 12-foor high?

  3. walt moffett Says:

    Regarding childhood indoctrinations, just wait you get to experience the kids realizing its OK to drink coffee and drive. Listening to them as they work it out is a memorex moment.

    BTW, are we headed to the day when Home Depot provides reduced cost legal advice on how to pretty up the yard?

  4. wheeler Says:

    “are we headed to the day when Home Depot provides reduced cost legal advice on how to pretty up the yard?”

    hey, i’m a lawyer, and i love working in my yard, maybe this is something in which i could specialize!

  5. Kathy Says:

    quaoar, while you’re at it, get a few flamingos. If anyone complains, spray paint them the same color as your house. They’ll blend right in. 🙂

  6. Lol! Kathy, there is a planned community that is owned by Walt Disney World… From what I hear, there is a migrating pink flamingo, there.

  7. Mom Says:

    PA is really nice….it’s 54 here today. I have a Moose in my front yard with NO complaints!

  8. walt moffett Says:

    A combined real estate practice and lawn care company with a side line in immigration law could be a money maker. Private practice social workers could offer neighborhood conflict resolution. I’ve heard this is a growth industry in the more affluent areas.

    However I prefer to live in the unzoned, largely unregulated boonies where the blocks under the chevy don’t have to match.

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