Tuscaloosa Bans The Bible

Tuscaloosa City employees won’t be allowed to carry their Bibles to work:

It seems Tuscaloosa city officials have a problem with their employees showing up to work with [Bibles].

The City Council will vote on an ordinance that could codify the issue in writing, and employees could be subject to being fired for violating the rule.

The City Council’s Administrative Committee voted unanimously Monday to forward an ordinance to the full council that would prohibit city workers from bringing [Bibles] to work.

If passed, all city employees . . . would be banned from having [Bibles] on their person while at work.

They also would not be allowed to have a [Bible] in a city-owned vehicle, nor in their own vehicle if parking on private property.

And if they’re driving a car somewhere on official business, they can’t have one there, either.

Ha ha. Just kidding. They’ve only banned guns. And that’s O.K., because unlike the First Amendment, the Second Amendment doesn’t really count, right? I know, I know, the Second doesn’t apply to the States, but that’s part of the same problem – the Second Amendment is the red headed step child of the Bill of Rights.  

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9 Comments on “Tuscaloosa Bans The Bible”

  1. Dan Says:

    Interesting way to put that, wheeler. I’m actually a 2nd Amendment fan, but you just threw me through a loop.

  2. Mark Says:

    I suppose that doesn’t include police. And, of course, we need fear nothing from the police.

  3. Jen Says:

    You tricky little devil! Here I was, all ready to call someone down there in Tuscaloosa and voice my outrage. And then I read your explanation and quickly put down the phone and breathed a sigh of relief. I guess that proves your point…I don’t get as excited about infringment on Second Amendment rights. Maybe because I don’t carry a gun regularly? And, how is it that “the Second doesn’t apply to the States”? I don’t understand that. Or are you being facetious? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell….

  4. demopolite Says:

    Have you met many of our esteemed public servants down here in Tuscaloosa? I’d support a bill that wouldn’t allow them to possess sharp scissors.


  5. wheeler Says:

    “I’d support a bill that wouldn’t allow them to possess sharp scissors.”

    ditto b’ham. sharpened pencils even.

  6. Baudrillard Says:


    The Second Amendment has not been incorporated into the notion of due process, as have a smattering of the constitutional amendments in the Bill of Rights. What that means is that the Federal Government is prohibited from depriving you of all the right to bear arms, but the state governments are not.

    Anyway, I was a bit worried initially when reading this. Glad I read the entire post. And, Wheeler, it makes your point about our concerns over First Amend rights to the exclusion of others enumerated in the Constitution. But I think Justice Black had a point when he argued that the First Amend stands as the foundation for the freedoms we recognize as central to our democracy, not withstanding his twilight years decisions. Perhaps the centrality of the First Amend explains our willingness to get “up in arms” over First Amend infreactions, as opposed to Second Amend, for example.

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  8. Wheeler, you evil little toad!

    Bibles don’t kill people. People who misinterpret Bibles kill people.

  9. […] I posted earlier this week about T-Town’s attempt to ban Bibles(haha) guns. Now, with a tip to Southern Appeal, I post this: A tiny town in western Pennsylvania could ask all of its residents to own guns, if a proposal under consideration on Wednesday wins approval from local officials. […]

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