“A Friend Of The Devil Is A Friend Of Mine”

If you’re a B’hamian who likes alternative rock, anyway:

Birmingham radio listeners didn’t have to wait long to find another rock station on their FM dial.

Now, though, it’s gospel fans who are left without one of their favorite stations.

Three days after Citadel Broadcasting pulled the plug on alternative rocker The X at 100.5 (WRAX-FM) to make way for sports-talk station WJOX-FM, competitor Clear Channel turned gospel station Hallelujah 105.9 (WENN-FM) into rock station 105.5 The Vulcan.

This is more confirmation that Clear Channel is a tool of satan, but hey, at least I benefit from it this time.

The station is already going strong, and will be commercial free until they get all their “talent” (their word, not mine) in place, which ought to be by January first. It probably won’t be much better than the recently-departed-after-spending-several-years-in-a-persistent-vegetative-state-WRAX, playing repeats of the same twelve songs over, and over, and over:

The Vulcan, which came on the air Saturday afternoon, plays hard rock hits from the past 20 years, including heavy doses of Pearl Jam, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stone Temple Pilots, as well as new music from such bands as Nickelback, Evanescence and Hinder.

Nevertheless, I’ll listen. Especially if they find a spot for Reg.

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One Comment on ““A Friend Of The Devil Is A Friend Of Mine””

  1. Yes, but they don’t play Heavy Pettin’. 🙂

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