Obligatory Mike Shula Post

Due to hungry babies, our household heard about the firing via a “breaking news report” at two o’clock this morning.

So my first reaction was to wonder how in the world this could have “broke” at such a ridiculous hour. The answer:

In keeping with recent celebrity trends, Mal Moore informed Coach Shula of his termination by text message Sunday night.

Just as pop culture icon K-Fed received a disturbing message while at dinner with homies, Shula also got some unnerving financial news of his own, while dining out.

The crack team of investigative journalists at keepmikeshula.com have uncovered the message Shula received from Mal Moore which read simply

“CMS, IMS but am firin U. IMHO, U R A good coach, but its not workn out. TTFN- Mal :-(”

Coach Shula was allegedly out at dinner when he received the news. Upon returning home, he found a for sale sign already placed in his yard and his belongings had been packed by the team.

Then I thought that this was not a surprise. I always figured Shula as a band-aid type of coach. He was never anyone’s dream hire, just someone to stop the bleeding until the program could function properly again.

Finally, I – like everyone else – am wondering who will be the BIG HIRE. Joe Kines will finish the season. For some entertaining guesses about the permanent replacement, read the al.com forums. They’re throwing around names like Steve Spurrier and George O’Leary. More serious speculators have mentioned Cal coach Jeff Tedford, among others. Whoever it is, it better be someone good. The clouds have dissipated since Shula’s hiring and Alabama is still one of the flagship programs in college football, so there is really no excuse for hiring less than the best.  

All in all I think Bama fans ought to look at this like a good car wreck. I mean, imagine you own a 2003 Toyota Corrola. You bought it right after college. Its a good car, reliable, inexpensive, but now you have a good job and want something new. Then on your way to work, you get t-boned. No-one is injured, but the car is totalled. You mourn for just a bit, then take the insurance and head to the Caddy dealership. That’s what Alabama is doing now.

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5 Comments on “Obligatory Mike Shula Post”

  1. J Says:

    I think they should have given Shula another year, minimum, but I don’t count.

    I like the wreck analogy. Time to pick up the pieces. If they bring in the right person, they should be ready to compete, maybe even win big, next year. 2009 is a better bet though.

  2. Dan Says:

    UA really needs to get its act together if they want to continue being a world-class football program. I hope they are able to hire someone good.

  3. Dystopos Says:

    Four years ago they wanted character and loyalty. They hired an inexperienced coach who has demonstrated that he has both. He brought the team, still suffering from sanctions, to the top 5 before back-to-back losses in 2005. He signs a new contract. 2006 was mediocre. Play-calling and preparation were highly suspect. Auburn won in Tuscaloosa. They throw him out like dirty laundry.

    So much for character and loyalty. So much for the new contract. How much do we spend to hire somebody to build on the foundation that Shula was repairing? Who will want the job? Mal Moore made a strong statement this week, and that was “we are as dumb as you thought we were.”

    Best possible outcome from here? A Cutcliffe or a Rich Rodriguez or Petrino or a Tommy Bowden makes Alabama their last head coaching stop and retires in glory after 20 successful years. Most likely outcome? We’re back talking about the where the plane was seen and who was playing golf in T-town every 4 years from here to eternity.

  4. Dystopos Says:

    Just got this in my email:
    From The Birminghamster:Wednesday January 6, 1971

    Bryant Fired After Back-to-Back 6 Win Seasons

    Tuscaloosa () Alabama head football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant was relieved of his duties this morning by university president F. David Matthews. “It saddens me to be forced to take this step,” said Matthews in a prepared statement, “since the victory against Ole Miss in the third game last year, the program has lost its momentum and is heading in the wrong direction. We thank Coach Bryant for his dedication in leading this team to three, or maybe five, national championships, depending on how you count… and we wish him the best of luck as we part ways and move on.”

    Bryant, 57, accepted the Alabama job in 1958, having coached the Texas A&M Aggies for four seasons, including a disastrous 1-9 record in his first year with the so-called “Junction Boys”. In 13 seasons with Alabama, Bryant has managed only four 10-win seasons. The 24-24 tie with Oklahoma was felt all over Tide country (Those with experience reported that it felt a lot like kissing one’s sister). A member of the board of trustees who asked not to be named said that Oklahoma’s flexible wishbone offense made “mincemeat” of the Tide’s anemic defense. Bryant had previously coached for the Universities of Kentucky and Maryland and at North Carolina Pre-Flight. He is a native of Moro Bottom, Arkansas.

    Since the tie, rumors have swirled about the future of the Alabama job, which still lies deep in the shadow of Frank Thomas’ legacy. Former players Jerry Claiborne, Steve Sloan and Bill Battle have been mentioned as candidates. Other possible names include Jim Pittman, who led his underdog Tulane Green Wave to a 17-3 stomping of Colorado in the Liberty Bowl, and Marshall head coach Jack Lengyel, whose team was decimated by a tragic plane crash on November 14.

    See the latest issue of The Birminghamster online now at http://www.birminghamster.com

  5. draftsonyou Says:

    Jeff Bowden is looking for a job. Just think…it could be worse for Shula. At least his Daddy’s not firin’ him.

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