[Insert Ahnold Quote Here]

Got this in the in-box and thought I’d pass it along:

I thought your other readers might be interested in this. 

Joe Matthews, the author of “The People’s Machine,” a book about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brand of populist politics, will be in Homewood on Sunday.  On the weekend of the Iron Bowl, TPM rolls into sweet home Alabama for a reading at 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon (by which time the state may be sober again) at the Little Professor, 2717 S. 18th Street, in Homewood.

Mathews covered the Terminator’s campaign, and that is part of the book, I think. Here’s the book’s blog. 

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One Comment on “[Insert Ahnold Quote Here]”

  1. Willie Says:

    I think Arnold’s greatest strength, now that he’s a bit flabby, is his wife. She is pretty savy when it comes to politics.

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