Happy B’day To Me

It would be a lot happier if I did not have to be represent a client in Hoover’s Muni Court this evening. I like the client, we ought to get a good result, and the judge was one of my favorite professors from law school, but going to Hoover tonight means I’ll be fighting rush hour traffic in the rain to get there and then won’t get home until who knows when.

Oh well, beats the last time I had to go to court on my birthday. I spent my fourteenth facing shoplifting charges. And my dog died the day afterwards. And my first girlfriend dumped the same day. I’m not kidding. So things could be worse.

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4 Comments on “Happy B’day To Me”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Hope it goes much better then that one!

  2. Baudrillard Says:

    I hope old Bishop is good to you tonight. Good luck.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Shoplifting? Dare we ask? Anyway, happy birthday! I hope court went well today.

  4. […] …Wheeler at Alablawg!  Just a warning, Wheeler – birthdays will start coming a lot faster now that you have kids.  Sometimes at warp speed.  I hope it was a great day! […]

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