A Great Christmas Gift Idea

This is for all those folks whose e-mails read as if they were trying to swat a fly on the keyboard while typing the message:

Sore thumbs after spending hours on a hand-held e-mail device? Sounds like a case of “BlackBerry Thumb” ā€” but help is at hand.

The Hyatt hotel chain found so many of their business travelers were complaining of hand and arm discomfort that they introduced a special “BlackBerry Balm” hand massage at most of their North American spas.

Corporate spa director Kyra Johnson said guests began asking masseurs to spend more time on their hands and arms because of the growing popularity of PDA (personal digital assistant) devices like BlackBerrys and Treos.

I suppose the response from the crackberry addicts would be something like: “GReat ide! neeD MOre data. neet tomorow dsicus?”

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One Comment on “A Great Christmas Gift Idea”

  1. walt moffett Says:

    One more reason to be glad to live in the country. Text messaging and cackleberries have never hit big (except with the deaf) here.

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