Picture Contest Winner

I said it was tough. Only two people got it right – Dystopos and Duke. The former first, but the latter without looking at the hint. The hint, I’m afraid, was more confusing than helpful. It was Chief Osceola, about to plunge the flaming spear into the center of the field prior to a Florida State football game. The coach at FSU is, of course, Bobby Bowden, who is the most famous alumni of the school whose football field was the subject of the contest: Woodlawn High School.

Here’s two pictures of the front:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The school, like the neighborhood, is long past its glory days. Still, it’s a cool area. I like to run on the track. It’s only about a mile and half from my house, so I can use the trip out as a warm up and the trip home as the cool down, and in between go full speed for a few miles on the track. Because in that part of town, I, uhmm, stand out, I usually get some funny looks and an occasional whistle, but it’s fun nevertheless.

I’ll try to get the next contest up this weekend. I’ve got a few in mind for you over the mountain folks.

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