The Last Word On The National Elections

On this blog anyway. I gave you my thoughts yesterday. Here’s a different perspective:

when I listen to this short video clip from Crooks and Liars I am strangely moved.  I don’t want to crow anymore.  No.  I don’t like Rick Santorum.  I am very glad he lost his Senate race because I think his opponent will do better than he did both as a politician and as a leader.  But listen, about a fifth of the way through, just as it becomes apparent that Santorum is going to concede you can hear it.  That anguished cry that so many of us felt and uttered in 2000, 2002, and 2004.  “Oh NOOOOooo! No…”  You can see Rick’s daughter crying.  You can hear the grim silence as people realize that their hopes have been dashed.

These are people who are fervent in their beliefs that Rick Santorum would have carried out God’s will for the nation and the world.  These are people who love God and want to be God’s hands in the world.  They are people like us.

I challenge us all as Street Prophets today.  I challenge us to see both sides of the coin for, as always, what goes up must come down.  These Republican versions of ourselves are down right now, but someday in the future they will be up.  I encourage us all to extend the olive branch, and instead of trying to comfort them by talking, we should listen to these who have lost and are grieving.  Last night we were all part of the body of those who watched and waited, and there will be those who weep tonight — people in Montana, Virginia, Republicans across the nation who fear that we will be undone.  How will we answer those who are dealing with anger, fear, and  grief?  I plan on setting an example as Republicans before me have done.  I plan on showing mercy.  For my happiness at yesterday’s gains is marred by their grief.  And sometimes a prophet must prophesy not with words but with actions.  In God’s Kingdom we will all sit down together, the elephant with the donkey.  I plan on trying to make that happen today.

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