Thoughts On The Election Results

Both local and national.  

First, nationally, I’m looking at things like I did the 2004 American League Championship Series. The Red Sox aren’t my favorite team. I like them, sure, and usually pull for them when my own team is out of contention, I just don’t bleed Sox colors. When they beat the Yankees, though, I acted like a life long Sox fan. Why? Because they had just beaten – no, humiliated – the Evil Empire. Darkness had been swept away.

Ditto last night. Like I’ve already said, I’m no Democrat, and I’m also not dumb enough to think they will govern perfectly, or even very well. But the real bad guys took a HUGE hit. I have hope for the first time in a long time that this country will be run according to reason and not demagoguery.

Second, also nationally, I am ecstatic that Rick Santorum got his tail whipped. This guy was the embodiment of everything I hate about today’s Republican party. Militant partisan, tool of wealthy special interests, theocrat, gay basher, big government conservative, you name it, he was it. Good riddance, and may all his ideological kindred soon share his fate.

Now the local stuff.

I am most pleased with the results of the JeffCo probate races. The losers – Sunny “S.D.” Smallwood and Mark Gaines – conducted very misleading and nasty campaigns. They got what they deserved. Congrats to the winners, Alan King and Sherri Coleman Friday.

I am most dissapointed that we now have on the Court of Civil appeals a judge with close ties to racist organizations. I wonder what color robe Terri Willingham Thomas will wear?

You may have thought I would be most upset over Troy King’s victory. While I am disappointed that our state’s top lawyer is a bigoted, ignorant, petty, political grandstanding moron, the fact is that my line of work often has me arguing against the AG’s office. So, the dumber the leadership the better for me and my clients.

I was surprised by three outcomes: Chief Justice, AG, and Lt. Governor.

For AG, it was the margin of victory that surprised me. By all accounts this one should have been closer than King’s nearly ten percent victory.

Lt. Governor proved again that polls are just educated guesses. I’ll ad that I am moderately pleased that Folsom won. I don’t trust Luther Strange. I’m sorry, but when I heard this career lobbyist say he wanted to bring ethics reform to Montgomery, all I could do was snicker.

I was most surprised by the CJ race. I know the polls had it neck and neck, I just don’t see how Nabers lost this. He was the incumbent. No-one has suggested that he did anything other than a great job. He whupped his challenger in the primary. And every other Republican running for a spot on an appellate court won.

As for my opinion of the outcome itself, I don’t know. On the one hand I’m all for divided government, so I’m very happy that we have one non-Republican appellate judge. On the other hand, Nabers is not the Republican I would have wanted to lose.

When I was in divinity school, he audited a class that I was also taking. The entire semester, he impressed me as a man of dignity, humility, good judgment and compassion. Now, as a lawyer, even though I’m sure that Nabers and I would disagree on just about every social issue out there, I am confident that I would always get a fair hearing from him as a judge. He is a good man.

Maybe he can run for AG next time?

Finally, two questions.

First, how many Bahakels are there in JeffCo? And were any of them NOT on the ballot yesterday?

Second, Bob Berryhill beat Greg Goodwin in the race for Madison County  . . . coroner? Can someone explain to me why in the world the freakin’ coroner is an elected position?

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7 Comments on “Thoughts On The Election Results”

  1. Whitters Says:

    I hate Luther Strange and was so happy to see him defeated. But then, I’m an unabashed liberal, so my Strange-hate is little surprise.

    As far as the office of coroner being an elected position…it’s not an elected position in all counties in the US; in some it’s an appointment. The rationalization for counties that have the coroner as an elected position is that it serves as an accountable “check and balance” to the medical examiner, which is an appointed office. The theory is that, by being accountable to the people, an elected coroner will provide honest information and reliable service in reporting causes of death. The office is, after all, an investigative branch of county government. It’s surprising what damage can be caused when a seemingly-simple act like reporting the cause of death becomes tied up in politics and corruption. The office of the coroner has the potential to be one of the most powerful in a given county.

    Of course, there are negatives to having the coroner as an elected office rather than an appointment. For one, supervisors have limited oversight and no disciplinary power over an elected coroner. Also, medical training comes into play – but here in Madison County, everyone running for coroner had sufficient medical training and experience for the office.

  2. Dido on Santorum, he is (was) one of my most hated Congressmen. I was also surprised by the margin in the AG race, but I (admittedly weakly) called the CJ race. I felt (and still do) that Sue Bell Cobb’s support for non-partisan judicial elections is what put her over the top. I thought Folsom would win and he did. I stated a long time ago, If the GOP wants the office nominate Wallace Jr, if not nominate Strange.

  3. Jon Says:

    A former co-worker of mine is convinced that the Nabers defeat is payback from the conservative base for Nabers’ public support of the 2003 Riley tax initiative. Apparently this anti-Nabers sentiment has been a popular topic on local right-wing radio in the weeks leading up to the election.

  4. walt moffett Says:

    The election results could have been a lot worse. Imagine Roy Moore in the Governors office and Larry Darby as AG. All in all, we got a better result than we could have.

    Maybe Riley can make Nabors, his chief legal advisor/finance director, a man of integrity needs to be kept in Montgomery.

    The South Dakota rejection of the JAIL proposal proves democracy works. Am waiting though the flag fringe rationalization and/or chavez owned voting machine rant.

    As to electing the Coroner, I blame Andrew Jackson. He and his branch of democrats decided that local officals should be elected by the people rather than appointed from on high.

  5. wheeler Says:

    “Imagine Roy Moore in the Governors office and Larry Darby as AG. ”

    – imagine most of the population moving to mississippi.

    “Am waiting though the flag fringe rationalization and/or chavez owned voting machine rant.”

    – pretty sure it has already started.

  6. Blake Says:

    Agreed on Santorum, that guy represents alot of whats wrong with this country. Also, on the Lt. Gov. poll in the B’ham News last week (Strange 50%, Little Jim 39%)…..Did they get that sample from the 18th green at the Mt. Brook Country Club or the wine aisle at the Western Supermarket in Vestavia?

  7. […] I wondered yesterdayhow in the world Drayton Nabers managed to lose his seat as Chief Justice. This morning, the experts are in agreement that it was Sue Bell Cobb’s commercial in which she played the piano and sang “This Little Light of Mine.” […]

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