Three More Election Recommendations

First, vote AGAINST Terri Willingham Thomas for the Court of Civil Appeals.  She has close ties to some very racist organizations, and far from repudiating those ties, she has recently been photographed at meetings of those organizations.  You can get the full story here. She has also used campaign materials to mislead people about her work experience. Lying in campaign materials is bad enough, but no one with white robes in their closet should be allowed to wear the black robes of justice. Vote Jim McFerrin for this place.  

Second, vote AGAINST Mark Gaines in the JeffCo probate judge race. Gaines sent out a mailer accusing his opponent, Alan King, of “taking away people’s homes.” You can see the mailer here. On the front is a mournful senior citizen, on the back is a large hand, ripping a pleasant looking home off of its foundation. Problem is, the case in question involved an abandoned house that had fallen into disrepair and for which the City of Homewood paid the absentee owner (who is not the person pictured in the mailer) over three hundred thousand dollars. The add is so misleading that several Homewood City officials called a press conference to denounce it.

Third check out the Anniston Star’s “The Pulse.” Their description:

We’re just under 10 hours away from the opening of polls in Alabama. It’s quiet here in The Star’s newsroom, so I thought I’d take a moment to let you know what to expect here at The Pulse on Tuesday.

Star staffers, with help from the Knight Fellows of the University of Alabama’s Community Journalism program, will visit polling places around northeast Alabama throughout the day. They’ll write about what they see and hear, and occasionally include photos and audio from the field. Meanwhile, The Star’s Capitol correspondent, Brian Lyman, will provide updates from Montgomery about the day’s events. Editor Bob Davis will keep an eye on what’s happening across the nation.

The idea is to give readers a sense of what’s going on at the ballot box where they live, accross town and around the country. But that’s not all. We also want to know what you’re seeing and hearing. At the bottom of every post here at The Pulse, you’ll see a line that says “comments.” That’s where you come in. Click that line to add your thoughts to the blog.

We’re all looking forward to seeing what you’ve got to say tomorrow. Don’t forget to vote!

Hyper local coverage from one of the state’s best papers. The Pulse ought to be good.

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One Comment on “Three More Election Recommendations”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Yeah, and the mournful looking senior citizen on Gaines’ flyer is white, while the lady who actually owned the abandoned house is of Chinese descent. But I guess that wouldn’t play as well.

  2. […] I am most pleased with the results of the JeffCo probate races. The losers – Sunny “S.D.” Smallwood and Mark Gaines – conducted very misleading and nasty campaigns. They got what they deserved. Congrats to the winners, Alan King and Sherri Coleman Friday. […]

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