Saw this in the current issue of the Birmingham Weekly:

Hey there–welcome to We’ve been together for three years now and are ready to go start a life together somewhere… with a little help from you, that is. Check out the idea behind our site, find out a little bit about who we are and what we are looking for, and then vote to let us know where you think we should live! Once we receive enough votes, we’ll move to the winning town for at least a year, sharing all of our experiences with you along the way.

Birmingham is currently number sixteen. Now, whether or not you think the Ham needs another couple of self-absorbed young folks, as a matter of civic pride you ought to vote for our little town. We can’t lose to Plano, Texas and Akron, Ohio. And I think we would actually be a good fit. Here’s some of their criteria:

* Music is a big part of Danny’s life, so the opportunity to see live concerts (particularly smaller, more independent acts) is important.
* Danny loves watching sports, so it’s important to him to live in or be near a city that has plenty of teams—baseball, hockey, college and pro football, basketball, he loves them all.

* Being someplace with an active cultural scene is important to Danny, so he tends to prefer moderate to large sized towns with lots of restaurants and things to do.

* Danny is flexible in terms of climate and doesn’t mind very cold or very hot weather as long as he can reap the benefits. That means having places to swim in hot weather or places to skii or snowboard in the snow.

We probably get a five out of ten for ‘ol Danny boy, scoring big on music and eats, but losing on sports and swimming. For Nina, though, we are at least a nine:

* As an artist, Nina needs to be in a place with easy access to galleries and museums.

* Nina loves a room with a view: places with lots mountain or waterfront scenery are a definite plus.
* Riding her bike is a fun way Nina gets exercise, so she’d like to make sure the place she lives has bike paths or at least ample room to ride around on two wheels.

* Nina likes making new friends, so the large number of interesting young people most college towns and big cities attract is a definite plus.

Other than the bike paths, we’ve got all of that in spades. They could buy a house on Southside and get the view plus be in the heart of UAB territory. This town has more galleries than it does grocery stores. As for the riding, there are a few bike lanes, but they are useless because 1) they don’t connect anything, and 2) they herd users within an open door’s width of parrallel parked cars. Still, this is a good town for cycling, as I’ll gladly testify.

So go vote. Like the paper said, if we can do it for Reuben, Bo, and Taylor, we can win this too.

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One Comment on “Vote!”

  1. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    As a resident of the current leading city of Plano, TX, I am happy to vote for Danny and Nina to come live here. Thanks for pointing out the contest.

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