Andrew Sullivan has been running a best and worst 80s video contest. I think I’ll have a contest for worst Alabama political ad of the year. You can nominate them by e-mailing the video (or a link) to alablawg@hotmail.com. I’ll pick a winner and post it after the elections.

I’ll start it with my nominee. Dan called it the “Biggest Hail Mary.” I’m saying – even with several days left until the elections – this is the worst ad of the year.

The first line is “Ronald Reagan and Judge Deborah Bell Paseur, both were elected in 1980.”

And? So? The Blues Brothers premiered in 1980, does that mean she is on a mission from God? Why does this matter?

You never find out. The ad never again mentions Reagan’s name. The lack of an explanation has two results.

First, the viewer won’t remember anything about the ad because he will have watched the whole thing thinking “when are you going to tell me why in the world it matters that you were first elected in 1980?” The first sentence makes the rest of the ad irrelevant and forgettable.

Second, the viewer is left to speculate about the significance of the 1980 election. Maybe the year of Reagan’s election is some new astrological event or something. I’m sure there are some people so smitten with Reagan that for them anything that began in the year of his ascendancy must be good. But most of us have more sense than that. And all we can conclude from this ad is that Paseur is desperate.

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7 Comments on “Worst.Ad.Ever”

  1. MCF Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, except I saw the actual worst ad ever this morning — Nancy Worley’s. She narrates the ad herself in the third person. It looks like she allowed a 1st grader to draw the graphics. I cannot stress how pitiful her ad is.

    But the Paseur ad — with the “elected in 1980 just like Reagan” line — occupies its own special place. I’m still confused by it.

  2. Wheeler Says:

    i’ve not seen worley’s yet. all i’ve seen from her are the “voter education” commercials that – what a coincidence – feature her.

  3. Dan Says:

    I haven’t seen the worley ad either. Hope I can find a YouTube of it.

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  5. Kathy Says:

    I didn’t know it was possible to get worse than the Luther Strange disco ad. 🙂

  6. Danny Says:

    Are you saying that Paseur’s ad is the worst ad ever? I don’t see it. It has one line in it that is odd and perhaps confusing, like you say. The ad is not mean and it’s not untrue, and I have seen a lot that are one or the other or both. Any ad that is mean-spirited and/or untrue is worse in my book.

    And as far as viewers not remembering anything in the ad, I beg to differ, as the thing that stood out in my mind when I saw it was “Undercover cop.” I had forgotten about the Reagan bit until I read it here. Which, granted, is a real reach.

  7. walt moffett Says:

    I must be odd, from her ad, I got she was clinging tightly to the shirt tail of the immortal from Death Valley, been a nark and been a judge for a while. Since I can’t vote for her, the rest dropped from memory.

    Worst alabama political ad? I think the one Baxley ran suggesting Hunt’s alabama accent was an embrassment , therefore you folks in Grove Hill need to shut your mouths. Insulting folks you want to vote for you is doubleplus ungood.

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