Contest Results

I thought last week’s might be difficult, but plenty of you got it right. Curtis was the first and therefore the winner, but I’ll give Dystopos credit for most complete answer:

“Homage to Leonardo: The Vitruvian Man” (Bronze, 1982)
by Enzo Plazotta, outside the Medical Arts Building at
the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. Donated
by Mr & Mrs John M. Harbert. Another copy of this work
is displayed in Belgrave Square, London.

If you are still not sure where this is, it’s on 22nd St. N., just North of 20/59. Join this ride, and you’ll go right past it.

Because my usual schedule has been thrown out the window this weekend, I have not yet taken the next contest picture. But don’t worry, I’ll get it soon enough.

As a substitute, here’s a few I took last week while on an easy ride around town.

Self explanatory:

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The next four are shots of Norwood.

This is the main entrance. Behind the sign is a wide median that runs the length of Norwood Boulevard. Traffic goes one way on one side and the other on the other side. Think the median on Highland Avenue or Bush Boulevard, but bigger, with room for benches, a walking trail, and even tennis courts. While I took this picture, several kids were playing football in an open spot on the median.

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Here’s a house someone recently redid:

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An interesting campaign sign:

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Across the street from the sign is what once must have been home to some of those super rich folks.

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What struck me most about that house was that it’s probably no more than eighty or ninety years old. It was born, had its years of glory, and died in less than a century. How could something so beautiful so quickly come to such a painful end? I guess it’s a combination of bad urban planning – the interstate cut deeply into this neighborhood (you can see some of the resulting infections in the background) – and racial ignorance – I’m sure the neighborhood’s decline coincided with the aftermath of Brown. I wonder what the house’s creator would think if he saw this picture; what he would say could justify this neglect?

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One Comment on “Contest Results”

  1. Kathy Says:

    It always makes me sad to see old houses falling down from neglect. So many wasted possibilites.

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