St. Paul’s Pics

This was in the paper on Sunday:

The water pours out of the spout in the bronze lion’s mouth, splashing into a pool in the courtyard at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

“You should see it lit up at night,” said the Rev. Richard Donohoe, pastor of the cathedral.

The courtyard of the downtown cathedral has an entirely different look these days.

“As the downtown lofts fill up, this will be a new attraction downtown,” Donohoe said. “It will meet community needs. It will have a very positive effect for the life of the cathedral and downtown.”

Workers have been putting the finishing touches on the $4.8 million renovation of the former school building into a conference center, with bonus features such as a bell tower, the lion head fountain in the courtyard and a columbarium forburial of ashes.

There was a big celebration on Sunday, at which I took some pictures of the new stuff.

The lion head fountain:

The new bell tower:

Another shot of the tower:

From the courtyard, looking south:

In the library of the newly remodeled building:

Finally, the front of the church:

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One Comment on “St. Paul’s Pics”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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