Picture Post

Last week’s contest was too easy: The remnants of Eastwood Mall. Dan from Between the Links was the first to get it, so he is the winner. Also being noted, though, are last week’s two scoflaws – Dystopos and Mom – who both redeemed themselves by correcty e-mailing the answer this time.

This week’s will be a bit more difficult, I think.

But first, some shots from yesterday’s ride. We did a sixty five mile loop up past Graysville and back in honor of the Madonna del Ghissalo and the Italian cycling tradition. We began and ended at Vulcan, where we had an Italian themed picnic afterwards. Ending the ride with the climb up 20th st. and into the park was, uhhmm, challenging, but worth it. The weather was beautiful and we sat up there for quite a while.

So here’s the big man himself:

Terrorist sympathisers! In B’ham!

On the way out, we stopped at St. Paul’s for a blessing of the bicycles:

Somewhere west of Graysville:

Back at Vulcan, looking south over Homewood:

And finally, this week’s contest:

E-mail your guesses to alablawg@hotmail.com

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One Comment on “Picture Post”

  1. […] I thought last week’s might be difficult, but plenty of you got it right. Curtis was the first and therefore the winner, but I’ll give Dystopos credit for most complete answer: “Homage to Leonardo: The Vitruvian Man” (Bronze, 1982) by Enzo Plazotta, outside the Medical Arts Building at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. Donated by Mr & Mrs John M. Harbert. Another copy of this work is displayed in Belgrave Square, London. […]

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