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First, the results from last week’s contest, which require some explanation. The rules clearly state that answers should be submitted via e-mail. Nevertheless, the first two people with the correct answer – Dystopos and my Mom – both submitted their answers in the comments. I’ll give Mom partial credit, because I think her mistake was due to excitability. Dystopos, on the other hand, admitted in his comment that he knowingly broke the rules. So he gets no credit, even though he was the first to get it and know the name of the location. Mom will share the victor’s crown with Duke, who sent me an e-mail correctly identifying the picture as Avondale Park.

The clue was a picture of Miss Fancy, the elephant who lived at the park when it was the home of the B’ham zoo. The legend is that she used to escape and wander up the hill to Avondale school where the kids would feed her their lunches.

There aren’t any more elephants, but the pond is home to plenty of turtles, fish, geese and the ugliest ducks in the world. The park is always a nice spot to spend an afternoon. And just up the street, on the corner of 41st and hwy 78 is Becky’s, home of the greatest sausage biscuits in town. It’s in the gas station on the corner, and if you ever need a quick breakfast, stop in and get one of those biscuits. You will not be disapointed.

Second, one of the things that I enjoy about blogging is how people react to posts. Sometimes I write something and am convinced it is genius, and will soon spread throughout the ‘sphere. Then it sits untouched, with no comments or links or anything. Then I put something up that I consider inconsequential and get a huge response. The picture of the World Famous Airport Inn fits into the latter category. Here’s an example of the responses I got to it:

Found your website at DU in the research forum. Saw your picture post and the photo of the Airport Inn.
Oh. My. God.
The API.

I didn’t know the place was still standing. I’ve knocked back uncounted long-neck Blue Ribbons there. Eaten more than my share of Mr. Satterwhite’s barbecue.

I was a pilot in the Alabama ANG throughout the 60s and early 70s. 106th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron. We were flying RF-84/F “Thunderflash” recce fighters. The API was our primary after-mission gathering spot and watering hole.

Some of my squadron mates were involved in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, which happened just a bit before my time. One of the pilots, Riley Schamberger, was either killed, captured, or captured and then killed. I never learned which. There was a “shrine” to him behind the bar.
Boy, you really bring back a lot of memories. I may have to make a nostalgia trip back to B’ham just to see the place.

There’s more like that in the comments to the post.

Third, before we get to the contest, here’s some shots from today’s ride:

Key Circle, above English Village. I probably go around this thing close to fifteen times a week, and I enjoy every trip:

key circle

Just around the bend from the circle is one of the best overlooks in town. You get a panorama of the City. This shot focusses on Sloss:


I drive by this tree on the way to work every day. I’ve been watching it change all week. It reached it’s full glory today:

fall color

Finally, this week’s contest. The hint is that this location looked very different about six months ago:

contest 3

Remember to E-MAIL your guesses to alablawg@hotmail.com.

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3 Comments on “Picture Post”

  1. Frank Says:

    Given that I now live in North Carolina, how the hell am I supposed to recognize this?

  2. Wheeler Says:

    this one’s tough if you have not been here recently. focus on the background.

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  4. […] Last week’s contest was too easy: The remnants of Eastwood Mall. Dan from Between the Links was the first to get it, so he is the winner. Also being noted, though, are last week’s two scoflaws – Dystopos and Mom – who both redeemed themselves by correcty e-mailing the answer this time. […]

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