Troy King Loses Again

The State Supremes upheld the community grants program. For the background, read my earlier post on the subject. I may read the opinion and provide more information later, but for now I will make a few quick points.

One, whether or not the grants are a good idea, I thought it was pretty clear that they are legal. The 9-0 ruling in favor confirms that belief.

Two, the grants are purely political. They allow legislators to personally deliver cash money to their constituents. It’s hard to imagine anything that could possibly make Joe Legislator look better to the folks back home then showing up with a huge check for the local school.

Three, the lawsuit – championed by staunch conservatives Troy King and Bob Riley – was purely political. The grants benefit incumbent legislators. The Democrats hold a majority of the legislature. Hence, the grants mainly benefit Democrats. The Republicans this year are making a serious push to claim the legislature. What better way than by eliminating a major weapon of the incumbents?

Four, how about Troy King? He is a conservative who hates judicial activists, but in this case asked the court to overturn legislation on the flimsiest of arguments because so doing would have benefited his party. Also, he is the Attorney General, the state’s attorney, yet in this case he was essentially suing the state. Finally, when the last version of the grant program went to court, he argued in favor of it and lost. This time he argued against it and lost. He’s a two two time loser.

Five, props to the Supremes. Like I said, this whole thing was nothing but party politics. The court is 9-0 Republican, so give them a hand for putting the law ahead of their party’s best interests. They’ll need your support, because I’m sure they are now off Twinkle’s Holiday Christmas Card list.

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5 Comments on “Troy King Loses Again”

  1. Dan Says:

    Thanks for framing this around Troy King, wheeler. I’ll probably point out King’s hypocrisy about this case next week.

  2. Willie Says:

    I read or heard that before the legislature came up with this system, the old system of going to the governor begging a thousand here and there for some little local event/issue was worst. Something about the governor spending a lot of time on nonsense. I guess you can say it helps one party or another from a standpoint of numbers, but every legislator has access to this walking around money. In the past whatever party held the governors office benefited.

  3. JCH Says:

    heh, that’s funny King lost on both sides.

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