A Wonderful Start To The Weekend

What’s that you ask? Finishing a really big, really annoying project at about quarter to five on Friday.

First of all, I get a sense of completion and fulfilment to the week. It was productive. And the weekend now seems even more deserved than usual.This was the major task, it is now done, so I should relax.

Second, this was NOT something I wanted to do. It was a motion in opposition to summary judgment. I am not real fond of civil stuff to start, and this was not a real great case. So getting it done is a big relief.

Third, turns out we have a pretty good argument and may even win.

Fourth, even if we lose, I was able to really zing opposing counsel. The guy is a total jacka**. (BTW, this is one reason I dislike civil stuff, the relationship between criminal defense attorneys and the da’s office is much more collegial.). And his brief was extremely haughty. So haughty that in several key arguments he just left out the legal authorities. I’m not kidding, he presented several defenses with absolutely no citations. Naturally, I took him to task on that bit of dereliction. Lots of cases say courts must ignore unsupported arguments, and as I said in the brief “If it was not important enough for Defendants to research it, it is not important enough for this Court to consider it.”

So, I’m now going home to enjoy the weekend. Hmmm, Sam Adams Octoberfest, hmmm.

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One Comment on “A Wonderful Start To The Weekend”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Nothing like finishing a project to make the weekend special. Enjoy it!

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