Mississippi’s Version Of Joe Reed

Profiled here. (H/T VoteLaw).

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2 Comments on “Mississippi’s Version Of Joe Reed”

  1. Don Says:

    Joe Reed? I don’t find anything to admire in Joe Reed but I haven’t heard of his being involved in voter fraud. This guy Ike Brown in Mississippi I would compare more to Senator Bobby Singleton and some other office holders in Alabama just to the east of him who seem to engage in voter fraud to get in office and stay there. Check out the Democracy Defense League (http://www.thedemocracydefenseleague.com/) to learn about voter fraud in Alabama and while there click on “What’s New” (top left) to see the results of the survey of candidates pertaining to their positions on fighting voter fraud.

  2. wheeler Says:

    joe reed = ike brown not so much in actual methodology as in general philosophy. more than the fraud, what i hate is the attitude of “whites for whites and blacks for blacks.” reed may not use brown’s tactics, but he shares the same reprehensable attitude.

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