Mayor, Council Fight Over Raises

I’d really like to comment on this:

The Birmingham City Council voted 7-1 Tuesday to override Mayor Bernard Kincaid’s veto of a 15 percent raise for police and fire workers. But the mayor said he will ask a judge to make a final decision.

Council members say they are prepared to fight.

“If he files an action against us we will vigorously defend our vote,” said Council President Carole Smitherman.

But because our firm is involved, I can’t.

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2 Comments on “Mayor, Council Fight Over Raises”

  1. Dystopos Says:

    Is the mayor fighting because he’s the one that will get sued? Otherwise you’d think he’d want to be on the popular side of this issue (and take the opportunity to fulfill a promise he made in the wake of the Ensley police killings).

  2. demopolite Says:

    Yeah…that seems to happen to me in Tuscaloosa a good deal. “No comment,” “No comment,” “No comment,” “Yeah…I know…but no comment.”

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