The Blind Leading The Blind

If this isn’t the dumbest idea I’ve heard this year, I don’t know what is:

The leaders of Alabama’s two major political parties might battle it out in a debate to show candidates how to toss around ideas and issues instead of slinging mud.

Twinkle Cavanaugh and Joe Turnham – geez, any party hacks for that matter – giving a lesson on civilized debating!? What’s next? Terrell Owens on sportsmanship and teamwork? Richard Scrushy and Don Seigelman on the importance of honesty in government and business? Roy Moore on the rule of law? I mean, come on. This is insane.

Still, it may be worth watching, if for no other reason than to test my theory that Twinkle is a cyborg. Maybe there will be one or two unscripted questions that call for an answer other than “liberal” or “activist court” or “traditional values.” You know, something like “what is the capital of Alabama?” Then, if she responds with one of those phrases, I will know my theory is correct: She is a machine programmed to spew nothing but right wing cliches and catch phrases.

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5 Comments on “The Blind Leading The Blind”

  1. Dan Says:

    These two are going to debate to to show candidates how not to throw mud? Hang on a minute while I laugh up my kidney.

  2. I would be intrested.

  3. Don Says:

    If I were allowed to ask a question to either or both it would be, “Why doesn’t your candidate for Governor have the common decency to answer this simple YES or NO question from a voter and concerned citizen: ‘Will you actively support the proposition of bringing Initiative and Referendum to the voters of Alabama, both in your campaign, and afterward if elected?’”

  4. wheeler Says:


    don’t be silly, that is a concrete proposition. answering would committ them to a definite course of action. they can’t do that.

    you’d have to ask them something vague, like “do you think democracy is good?” 😉

  5. Don Says:

    Yeah, Wheeler, I guess I’m silly and naïve to expect someone who wants my vote to at least have the common courtesy to reply in any fashion. In my book the failure to commit to a definite course of action is not a leadership quality and they don’t deserve anyone’s vote. We need to have NOTA on the ballot.

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