New Crimes In Mountain Brook

In addition to driving while black . . .  

I’ll grant that this guy’s actions are suspicious. He’s at some youth football game taking pictures of the players, but when asked who he is, he lies and then quickly leaves.  

That said, two quotes really bother me.

The first:

Mountain Brook police are asking residents to keep an eye out for a man who was reportedly taking unauthorized photographs of children at Crestline Elementary School.

Maybe he was going to use the pictures for Foleyish purposes, but how can a picture taken in public of a public event be an “unauthorized” picture? I don’t know. I guess you need a permit to take pictures in Mountain Brook. 

Here’s the second:

[Lt. Clay Gilmore] said police want to encourage residents to be alert and report unusual behavior. “Any time they see somebody that’s suspicious, that doesn’t belong, especially around a school or a playground, they should call the police,” he said.

Yes, let’s encourage xenophobia. And given the demographics of the Tiny Kingdom, we all know who the somebodies that don’t belong will be.

Last night, we went to Clumpies in Crestline for ice cream. (Hmmm, mint chocolate chip waffle cone with hot fudge, hmmm). It was our last night out in our truck, which we sold today. We decided to sit on the tailgate as we ate our ice cream.

So we did. It was dark. While plenty of other peolple left stores and walked to their cars, no-one else sat outside. Businesses were closing. By the time we left, there were very few other vehicles parked on the street.

I wondered on a few occasions as we sat there if our evening would have been quite so enjoyable if we were not so white. This cop’s suggestion only makes me wonder even more.

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3 Comments on “New Crimes In Mountain Brook”

  1. Anne Glamore Says:

    Hey- congrats on the twins. I have some myself, so I know firsthand how wonderful they are, after that horrendous first few months passes. If you don’t already have it, purchase “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” It really helps put babies to sleep when you drive them around in the minivan late at night. I think it’s the thumping base line.

    I’m glad to find your blog. My husband is also a biker. i was especially interested to see the TK demographics you linked to, and the news article on the Crestline guy. I only heard about all that from friends, and it caused lots of hoopla here. There was another incident last week, and the fallout was such that it’s BEGGING to be blogged. I think I’ll have to do it!

    At any rate, as a fellow liberal, lawyer, twin owner, etc etc, am happy to have discovered another site I do not have time to read.

    Best to you and your expanding family. It gets MUCH better!

    Anne Glamore

    ps – where do i find a blue dot bumper sticker? I can’t imagine why they don’t sell them here in Mtn Brook!

  2. wheeler Says:

    “am happy to have discovered another site I do not have time to read.” 🙂

    you can get the blue dots here. but having one may be some kind of traffic violation in mt. brook.

  3. lucy Says:

    yea ok im from mountain brook!

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