Questions About The Two Year College System

I have not followed the stories very closely, but I did find yesterday’s B’Ham News article interesting:

Alabama’s two-year college system has paid more than three dozen state lawmakers or their relatives in recent years, including several legislators who received paychecks from two different colleges, system records show.

One quarter of the 140 members of the current Legislature, elected since 2002, has financial ties to the system, the records show. There are 28 legislators who were on community college payrolls; five whose wives were on payrolls; two legislators whose businesses received work; one whose brother was on the payroll; and one legislator whose business and wife were paid, records show.

Most of those jobs or contracts went to legislators after they were elected, records show.

It certainly sounds odd that a fourth of the legislature would work for the system. But being a legislator is a part time job, so these folks all have to find work in addition to being legislators. And it sounds like most of these are legitimate jobs, rather than just names on a payroll type jobs.

Still, what I’d really like to know is what sort of official actions these folks have taken towards the system or its particular schools. This, for example, could be a fertile ground for further investigation:

In some cases, the wives of powerful legislators received pay, records show. Johna Lindsey, the wife of House Education Budget Committee Chairman Richard Lindsey, receives more than $25,000 a year as an employee of Gadsden State Community College.

The school employs the wife of the legislator who decides how much funding the school receives? That smells very fishy.

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