Statue Of Liberty To Huddled Masses: “Just Kidding”

On a plaque at the base of the Statue Of Liberty:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

From Hugh McInish’s report about the recently concluded “Eagle Council XXXV, the Super Bowl of conservatism:”

[In a speech, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions] pointed out that 60 percent of the people in Nicaragua and 70 percent of those in Peru want to come to the United States. Obviously we cannot admit all.

He recommends that we consider a point system similar to that used in Canada, whereby an applicant will be given so many points for speaking English, so many according to his education and skills, and so on. Only the most qualified, those who would strengthened the country would be allowed entrance.

Three points here.

One, I guess we need to get rid of the plaque.

Two, notice he is not talking about illegals, he is talking about any immigrants.

Three, why are we supposed to directly apply to our country the Bible’s alleged prohibitions on abortion and homosexuality, but then hem and haw and talk about context and times changing when we get to the Bible’s commands to welcome and accept aliens?

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8 Comments on “Statue Of Liberty To Huddled Masses: “Just Kidding””

  1. Dan Says:

    Warning: slightly unorganized rant coming.

    Wheeler, you make the false assumption that Jeff Sessions gives a crap about some objective Jesus or Jehovah except to forward his pathetic views of the world. Jeff Sessions created his subjective god to advance his petty ideology on the world. The Bible is just a nice, long book that can be taken out of context and mis-translated to give legitimacy to his god’s ideology. The name “God” is just a synonym for, “Guy that can’t be questioned.”

    These guys don’t believe in the same god — they each have their own. If they believed in an all-knowing Big Guy in the Sky, they would look to the Bible and spiritual inspriation to give them answers. Instead, they project their personal ideology as an external, powerful force that can’t be reckoned with. They create a god to scare people with. “My god hates homos, so if you don’t hate homos too, he’ll smite you.” Then, to give it some legitimacy, they misrepresent a small part of the Bible that tells us the reason that Sodom and Gommorrah was destroyed. It wasn’t because a group of men wanted to gang-rape two of God’s angels, it was because they were men who wanted to have consensual sex with other men.

    Some sojourner-type Christians’ have a god who is concerned with the aliens. They do the same thing Sessions does. Their god isn’t so concerned with the homos, but they use many of the same tactics to make you feel like you had better help the illegal immigrants. We might says these ends are better than homophobia, but the tactics are the same. They aren’t concerned with “what would God want me to do.” They are concerned with their own ideology and they essentially create an “Immigrant-loving god” to advance the cause.

    So Jeff Sessions doesn’t follow the Bible or an objective “God.” He follows Jeff Sessionsism. The only thing he has in common with other people who call themselves “Christians” is that they use the same name for “God,” they have an unrelated obsession with Jesus who died 2,000 years ago, and they both misrepresent the same collection of books known as the Bible.

  2. atalee Says:

    What does this blog have to do with Christians? The poem on the Statue of Liberty is just that, a poem!!! It is not a legal document!!!

    I don’t exactly agree with Sessions, but he is right on one point, not EVERYONE can come to this country.

  3. Dan Says:

    atalee, the Declaration of Independence is not legally binding, either, but I would be pretty upset if we contradicting the notion that all men are created equal. Do you not believe all men are created equal because it’s not a legal document? Do you hate the Declaration of Independence? Is it just some rotting piece of paper in the Smithsonian to you? (Sorry for that… I’m sure you love the Declaration… I’m just in a mood).

  4. Wheeler Says:

    two points:

    one, if we are going to go session’s route, we ought to seriously consider how much we’ve changed. that plaque and session’s plan are fundamentally incompatible. that is not to say which is good and which is bad, but it is to say we can’t have both.

    two, there are a LOT of people who use the bible as justification for their rabid pro-life and anti-gay stands who also oppose all immigration. to me, that looks like cherry picking.

  5. Agent KGB Says:

    Though I’d very much like to be able to say it, I can’t say that the Bible isn’t in politics. I do however very much believe that it should not be.

  6. Pseudo-Darby Says:

    Comparing Emma Lazarus’ poem to the Declaration of Independent. . . ah, how I miss this ‘blog’!

    And lookie, opposing ‘gay’ marriage is the equivalent of being “rabid”. Perhaps in your mind conservatives are foaming at the mouth in their irrational hatred of sodomites.

    Well, at least in your mind. . .

  7. Dystopos Says:

    I think Lazarus’ poem and the Declaration of Independence are both expressions of American ideals — of the standards to which we should hold ourselves — and also neatly summarize the things that truly make America great and noble, worthy of admiration and imitation.

    Making laws to keep out furriners and withold equal protection from gay couples don’t jibe, in my mind, with the things that make America great, nor with the “judeo-christian principles” which underlie our deist/secular/enlightenment democracy.

  8. atalee Says:

    The Declaration of Independence officially declared our independence from the British which in turn also declared our statehood and caused a war. It is not a work of literature. So do you think the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence (written by Ho Chi Minh) is merely just an expression? A declaration of independence is a legal document, though not always held valid by international powers. Declarations of independence existed long before 1776.

    You should study international law. It is fascinating. By the way there are many other Declarations of independence never held valid. Those are usually the ones made by people who lost their wars.

    Emma Lazarus’ poem is just that, a poem. It has no legal value. Our government did not officially at that time declare in a legal document- “Give me your tired, your poor. . ” (though that might be our policy today it seems like)

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