Contest Results

I thought the inaugural identify the picture contest was really easy, but the closest anyone got was Barry, who said “Ridge Road, just down from Altamont School?” I’ll give it to him, even though the name of the road is Altamont Rd., and the picture is of a canon/large gun sitting on the side of the road and pointing over the valley. It is about a mile west of the Altamont school, about halfway between that and Niazuma Ave.

Why it is there and what it means I do not know. It’s a pleasant location, and I occasionally use it for a rest stop while walking or riding my bike. In fact, as another commenter pointed out, we once road by and saw a guy and girl standing there. The guy yells to us “I just asked her to marry me and she said yes.” We resisted the temptation to reply with statements like “Run! Now!” Anyway, here are a few more pictures of it:




I have a few ideas for the next contest, but I won’t see any of them until Saturday, so look for it sometime this weekend.

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One Comment on “Contest Results”

  1. Dan Says:

    I look forward to the next photo.

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