Plenty Of Legal News This Morning

Scrushelman’s trial is almost finished, all that’s left is a ruling on their allegations of juror misconduct.

Yet another conviction of a JeffCo sewer official for corruption and bribery. But it’s the EPA’s fault my sewer bill is more than my electric bill. Can you say “privitize?”

Two new judicial questionnaires are out today. I’ll have more on these later.

Finally, this isn’t legal but it is interesting. Apparently Shelby County residents are beginning to realize that unbridled development has a lot of unpleasant consequences. In particular, studies show that CR 41 through Dunnavant valley will soon be forced to serve about five times the amount of traffic it can reasonably handle.

Ward Tishler, a retired professor from the University of Montevallo, moved to Mt Laurel five years ago. He is president of Friends of Dunnavant Valley, a group dedicated to preserving the valley’s beauty and reducing reliance on automobiles for every errand.

Tishler’s group has worked for several years with county planners and EBSCO officials to plan the Dunnavant Valley Greenway. Eventually, he said, the greenway will connect the Soccer Blast, Mt. Laurel Elementary School and the Town of Mt Laurel. Residents can walk it, bike it or traverse it in a golf cart.

For Tishler and his neighbors in the Mt Laurel community, a loaf of bread, a prescription or a pack of garden seeds is just a pleasant stroll away. The “traditional neighborhood development” clusters homes around small businesses so that every errand does not require a car.

I hate to slam this guy, because I respect his ideals, but if he really cared about “preserving the valley’s beauty and reducing reliance on automobiles for every errand” he never would have moved to the prefabricated pseudo-community of Mt. Laurel. You know what was there ten years ago? Nothing. What’s there now? Your stupid “town” and all its cars that have to drive at least ten miles to get to the grocery store. If you really want to live in a community while also preserving the natural beauty of the state, you ought to live in the already existing cities rather than bulldozing your way into and over the unspoiled parts of the country. Of course, that would mean living near black people.

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2 Comments on “Plenty Of Legal News This Morning”

  1. demopolite Says:

    “Of course, that would mean living near black people. ”

    DING! DING! We have a winner!!

  2. Kathy Says:

    As Jon Stewart would say, “Ooh, snap!”

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