Does Someone Have A Case Of The Mondays?

Who knows, but whatever day of the week it is, these five movies just get funnier every time I watch them. In no particular order:

1) Office Space (“We’re not going to some white collar prison, we’re going to the federal pound you in the a** prison.”).

2) Ghostbusters (“Cats and dogs, living together! Real Old Testament stuff.”).

3) Oh Brother Where Art Though (“It don’t look like a one horse town, but just let a man try to get a decent can of hair jelly.”).

4) Tommy Boy (“Hey Richard, whose your favorite little rascal? Is it Alfalfa? Or Spankey?”).

5) Tied between Major Paine (“Gongratulations, you’ve graduated from turds to maggots”), and The Holy Grail (“Right, what are you gonna do, bleed on me?”).

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One Comment on “Does Someone Have A Case Of The Mondays?”

  1. Willie Says:

    Office Space is probably the best sleeper film ever made. Everytime I see it, I gleam more from it. “the Bob’s” is now the official name of every downsizing consultant group brought in by corporate America.

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