Hope You Had A Good Weekend

I did. We’re in the final countdown to the arrival of the twins, so I’m treating every weekend as if its my last.

We had the ultimate suburban dating experience on Friday: dinner at Cracker Barrel (never again. CB is o.k. when you are eight hours into a twelve hour drive, but as a normal place to eat, it is not just bad, but god awful bad), then a movie (finally saw Talladega Nights. Outstanding), and lastly, dessert at Dairy Queen.

It was nice, but I hope stuff like that never becomes my normal existence. All those cars, and parking lots, and random traffic lights, and imitation quirkiness, and people fancied up to go eat at places like TGI O’Apple Tuesday’s, ugh. It feels like you walk into some kind of vaccum, where all your money and everything peculiar to Alabama is sucked up off the Earth and into some absentee Corporation’s pocket, and in return you get bad food, asphalt, smog, and road rage.   

I slept late on Saturday morning and, after a large breakfast, drank coffee and listened to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me. The afternoon was spent riding at Oak Mountain. I took my time and really enjoyed the trail. Saw lots of wildlife: three deer, a hawk, and – though I did not really see it – a bee stung my right butt cheek. At home, the recovery meal that evening was beer, a t-bone steak, baked potato and grilled corn. Boy, oh, boy I slept good.

Sunday morning was mass, then home for pancakes, more coffee, and Reg’s Coffee House. The rain stopped early enough for an afternoon recovery ride through scenic areas (haha) like East Lake and North Birmingham. Afterwards, we watched the first half of Sunday night football, then read for a while and finally fell asleep.

I sort of extended the weekend by drinking my coffee on the front porch this morning. The weather was too nice to rush off to work.

Anyway, great weekend, though I am disappointed that somehow or another I managed to forget about the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. It sounds like it was great, and featured several law-related films. Bummer. I hope some of ya’ll go to go.

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5 Comments on “Hope You Had A Good Weekend”

  1. Frank Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you. As a former Birminghamian who never returned after grad school, I find myself feeling nostalgic for many things about Birmingham and Alabama. Your blog reminds me of the many wonderful parts that I miss . . . and I greatly appreciate the politics as well.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Other than that sleeping late thing, you’ll still be able to do most of what you mentioned after the babies come. Get yourself a baby cart for your bike and find a good babysitter for movie night.

    Sorry about the bee sting. I wonder how and why the bee attacked you in that particular spot. Did you sit on it? I had a yellow jacket crawl into my sandal once, and it stung me as I was wiggling my foot around trying to figure out what was in my shoe.

  3. wheeler Says:


    cool. glad you like it.


    i was swooping along the trail, rejoicing in a beautiful day, when WHAM, out of nowhere it nailed me. the last four times i have been stung by bees, it’s been while on my bike. last year i was going up a pretty big hill (karl daly, from 78 to old leeds) when one got into my jersey and nailed me a few times. maybe it’s the shorts.

  4. demopolite Says:

    Apparently, Alabama bees had it out for lawyers this weekend. Boyfriend was stung on the forehead while we rode with the top down on the Jeep at Cheaha. I avoided assault — a lucky break considering we were miles from nowhere and I’m deathly allergic.

    Have fun with the last gasps of non-parenthood!

  5. wheeler Says:

    “on the foorhead.” that’s brutal. i hope the welt on his head is a lot smaller than the one on my ass.

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