Thank God For . . .

Everyone knows the old joke about Alabama’s state motto being thank god for Mississippi (or vice-versa).

Well, from now on, whenever I get depressed about Alabama’s congressional delegation, I’m going to thank God for Georgia’s Lynn Westmoreland. His previous gooffiness is described here. The cause of the current post is this:

Georgia congressman Lynn Westmoreland backed away from comments he made suggesting that he supports torturing terrorism suspects, but said intelligence agencies should be given latitude to use “the methods necessary” to get information from detainees.

On Tuesday, the Grantville Republican told a Douglas County Chamber of Commerce luncheon that he “voted for torture” and that “we need to get information out of these people the best way we can,” the Douglas County Sentinel reported.

He said Wednesday that he should have “put that another way.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said I voted for torture,” he said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I should have said I voted against the anti-torture bill.”

Of course he should have used the inherently ambiguous construction known as a double negative. He’s a politician. He can’t let his constituents know what he really thinks. Supporting torture of suspected terrorists is one thing, letting the people know he does so is another.  

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2 Comments on “Thank God For . . .”

  1. Willie Says:

    I can only surmise that Westmoreland is considered one of the “best we got” in his district, which is a sad commentary. I believe it is in this area just over the Ala/Ga line called “the Valley”.

  2. […] I said a few weeks ago that whenever I get depressed about our state’s congressmen, I remind myself it could be worse, we could have to claim someone like Georgia’s Lynn Westmoreland. Making a more general claim, I think we can now add Georgia to Mississippi and Arkansas as states that make Alabama good. We all remember this story:A college production tells the story of Matthew Sheppard, a student beaten to death because he was gay. […]

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