He Must Have Testified In Favor Of The Defendant

An investigator with the Alabama attorney general’s office has been indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury on misdemeanor perjury charges, Jefferson County District Attorney David Barber said Tuesday.

Anthony Castaldo, a special agent with the attorney general’s office, was accused of “testifying untruthfully” in a case that the attorney general’s office was prosecuting in Jefferson County, Barber said.

The district attorney would not give any specifics about the case the attorney general’s office was trying or what Castaldo said that was allegedly not true.

Castaldo has been placed on “mandatory leave” from his job in the attorney general’s office, said Chris Bence, spokesman for Attorney General Troy King.

Bence said the grand jury indicted Castaldo on Sept. 1. He said the case was turned over to Barber’s office after “prosecutors in the attorney general’s office became concerned with certain events involving Castaldo’s performance of duties” in a Jefferson County case.

Bence also would not comment on the nature of the case. Reached at his home Tuesday, Castaldo declined to comment.

Cynicism aside, I don’t have any idea why an employee of the AG would think it is permissible to lie during judicial proceedings. Really, I don’t. 

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