College Football

Is anyone else as excited as I am about tomorrow? There’s at least five or six games that on any other weekend would be potential games of the week.

I’m sure for most of my readers, this question is a no-brainer, but I’ll ask it anyway. Notre Dame v. Michigan; Miami v. Louisville; and LSU v. Auburn are all on at the same time. So which one is going to be your primary game? To put the same thing another way, which two only get watched during play stoppages in the third?

Another question, which game will be the best? The Bowden Bowl? Florida v. Tennessee is always good. Could UAB make things worth watching against Georgia? I’m betting on the battle of the Tigers as the best game.

I’m making only one prediction. I have read way too much stuff like this about Nebraska v. USC:

This will be Nebraska’s coming out party. The offense will put up big numbers and the defense will come up with a gem … for three quarters. USC will make a few adjustments and will hit just enough home runs in the fourth quarter to get by with a tough, tough win.

I like Nebraska, I always have. The first football game I ever attended was the 1988 Kickoff Classic where they beatTexas A&M. Since then, I’ve always rooted for the ‘Huskers. But it ain’t gonna happen against USC. The Trojans are too fast, too talented, and too adept at their own offense for Nebraska to stop them. Meanwhile, the Huskers have yet to prove they can run the Bill Callahan offense against a good team. I’m saying Trojans by at least four touchdowns.

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