Something Stinks In JeffCo

Item, the first:

Jefferson County needs a new sewer line from Bessemer to Hoover, a project that will cost at least $200 million over 10 years and likely bring even higher sewer rates to customers whose bills have more than tripled in the past decade.

“The bottom line is the county will have to borrow money,” said Gary White, the commissioner who oversees environmental services. “These sewer rates will continue to go up, and they are not going to stop.”

And JeffCo residents are stupid to complain about it. Again, from Gary White:

“I thought I could go in there and make changes and people would understand it and appreciate it. They don’t. They look at that sewer bill every month, and they get mad all over again.”

As for what we are supposed to “appreciate,” here is item two, also from today’s paper:  

Jefferson County residents will be kept from the pool of potential jurors to hear the trial of a former county sewer official accused of joining seven other defendants in public corruption involving sewer work, a judge ruled Tuesday.

U.S. District Judge L. Scott Coogler granted a defense request after finding county residents could perceive themselves as victims in a case that involves allegations the defendants defrauded taxpayers in the awarding of sewer contracts and caused taxpayers to pay higher sewer rates as a result. . . .

Scheduled for trial are Jack Swann, the former head of the county’s environmental services department; Pat Dougherty; Dougherty Engineering; Eddie Yessick; Pugh Construction; Rast Construction; and brothers Bobby and Danny Rast. They have pleaded not guilty.

Their prosecution arises out of a four-year federal investigation into the awarding of sewer contracts for $3 billion in county sewer rehabilitation and expansion projects. In all more than 20 defendants were indicted, including former County Commissioner Chris McNair and Clarence R. Barber, a retired county construction and maintenance supervisor. Five people agreed to plead guilty earlier and cooperate in the prosecutions. A jury in April convicted McNair, five executives and their businesses.

The judge made the right decision. Speaking as a resident of JeffCo, there is no way I could give these folks a fair hearing. It isn’t just the bribery, or the unecessary work, or the continued failures of the system in spite of ten years and billions of dollars in repairs, it’s the attitude of people like Gary White. Accusing me of being unreasonable. Give me a break. For no apparent reason, my sewer bill (not the water, just the sewer) ranges from forty to eighty bucks a month. Then I watch the news and hear about bribes, and leaks, and super sewers; everything but honest and necessary repairs. My bill is outrageous because these goobers have flushed my money down the toilet.  

So I would not give these folks a fair hearing. Hang ’em high. And as for the new work, your darn skippy I’m gonna complain about any increases in my bill.

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One Comment on “Something Stinks In JeffCo”

  1. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    I know this response is way late, but I just received my water/sewer bill for the month and the sewer service total came to $4.24. Even taking into account that I live in a one-bedroom, 800 square foot apartment, there is still a ginormous disparity between what we each pay. I doubt that the good people of Birmingham are expelling that much more waste that those of Dallas. (Although many here would have you believe otherwise.) I don’t blame you for bitching.

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