No Blogging Today

State and federal flags are at half staff:

Flags are at half-staff at state and federal buildings today. President Bush has proclaimed September eleventh “Patriot Day” to remember the events of five years ago that took thousands of lives.

Gov. Bob Riley followed suit and also ordered flags above the State Capitol and all other state buildings be lowered to half mast for the occasion. He encouraged all local governments across the state to lower their flags to half staff as well.

B’ham will also lower its flags:

Birmingham Mayor Bernard Kincaid has ordered all flags on city buildings flown at half-staff today in remembrance of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

In addition, the fire department will have a series of silent moments coinciding with key events of the attacks in New York, Washington and rural Pennsylvania.

Fire alarms at stations will alert firefighters to turn on emergency vehicle lights for a moment of silence.


Five years agoI was on my way to class, listening to the radio. Molly Ivens was making fun of the president, mocking his voice. After class, I walked to the campus post office where an image on the television grabbed me as it did everyone else in the country. I spent the rest of the day watching the news, listening for answers, hoping for leadership. I wanted to hear the president’s voice.  

Not today. I don’t want to hear that bungling idiot any more than I want to hear any of the rest of the fools try to manipulate tragedy for political gain.

Nope. In the time I would normally read and post about the news, I’ll just think. Maybe go to mass. But mostly think.

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4 Comments on “No Blogging Today”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I feel the same way.

  2. quaoar Says:

    I was watching CNN until Dick Cheney came on and started talking about freeing nations from dictatorship.

  3. wheeler Says:

    i would love to see and hear about how some small town firemen are honoring the heroes of that day, or how a survivor has dealt with the last five years, or how the lives of the vitims’ families have changed.

    but i can’t watch the news, because in addition to those stories will be the discussions about who benefits the most politically from our memories of that day and then highlights of the morbidly disgusting grandstanding by politicians doing all they can to make sure we know that opposing them equals supporting the barbarians who attacked us on 9/11.

  4. Dan Says:

    Thank you, wheeler. Nothing pisses me off more than how much this tragedy is used by everyone for their own political purposes.

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