“Air Stereo”

That’s the name of the new Damnwells album. My wife picked it up for me last weekend, and so far I really like it.

We saw them in concert a couple of years ago with Josh Ritter at Workplay. Great show. I’m no critic, but if I was, I’d call them an alternative pop rock kind of band. But that might lead you to think of Train. Which would be bad, because they are much better than Train. Not that Train is bad, just that these guys are great. A bit edgier than Train. I don’t know, how do you describe sounds?

Anyway, Bastards of the Beat, the album prior to this, is one of my favorites. I can listen to it while having dinner, or driving, or running, or riding my bike. It’s very versatile, and after two years it still has not gotten old.

This one has the same potential. I have not listened to it while running or riding, but it has passed the dinner test, and so far so good on a Saturday morning with coffee.

They’ll be in town next Friday, playing at Art on the Rocks. I went to that once last year to hear Lori Mckenna. Not surprisingly, the atmosphere is really yuppish, the event occuring in the B’ham Museum of Art and being marketed towards hip downtown professionals. But they let normal folks in too. And in addition to the great music, the medeival section is beautiful after a few drinks.

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