Fiction Made Real

Two posts ago I included a quote from Anonymous Lawyer in which Anonymous Lawyer describes how he invited himself out for a night with some associates just so he could see the look of horror on their faces as they contemplated a night out with their boss.

So guess what I did last night? Yep. A night out with the boss. But it was fun, we all like each other at my firm. He had won four tickets to see Nickelback and wanted to take his two kids. The problem was that the four seats were not together. Two were in one section, and two in another. His kids aren’t old enough to sit by themselves, and because the seats were not together, he could only sit with one of them. So he needed a chaparone. That was me.

Seeing Nickelback – and before them Hinder, Chevelle and Hubastank – with a thirteen year old was not bad. It gave me an excuse to be there, because I am pretty sure that other than my boss I was the only person in the arena over sixteen. And he knew all the songs, whereas the only one I knew was Hubastank’s cover of Another Brick In the Wall. Really the only drawback is that when I got up to get a beer, I could bring him back a coke, but when he got up to get a coke, he couldn’t bring me back a beer.

All in all a fine evening. Even the resulting hearing loss has been beneficial, leaving me free to enjoy football sans the igmo’s in the booths.

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One Comment on “Fiction Made Real”

  1. Kathy Says:

    13-year-old daughter will be so jealous when she hears!

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