Dems Do The Right Thing, But I’m Still Depressed

Updated with a few more questions, and a bit more hopeful conclusion
The executive committee rejected the ridiculous finding of the sub-committe and affirmed Patricia Todd as the nominee in district 54. So here are my questions.

First, given that the vote was 95-87 to overturn an absolutely indefensible decision, how much longer will the Democratic party survive? It is shocking, to say the least, that almost half the pary’s leadership is so blinded by racial prejudice or self-interest that they would put their imprimatur on such an asinine recomendation. How can the party hope to make any impact for the good of Alabama if it is lead by such idiots?

Second is the idea that people ought to be judged on individual merit rather than their racial or sexual status just a pipe dream? In Alabama this year, we’ve experienced: civil rights leaders basely appeal to race in an attempt to defend Seigelman and Scrushy; Larry Darby; the Klan making a comeback; immigrant bashing; and now this. And this is the worst of all. If the people who for years fought for and benefited from equality can’t apply it, then who ever can?

Third, any bets on when we hear that Hendricks has filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results or the committee’s final decisions?

Fourth, I asked this in the comments, but thought I’d promote it to the main post. What is going to happen in the next election?

In this contest, once Joe Reed and his folks realized Todd was going to win, all the nasty stuff came out in full force. Next time, they know from the start that she is a serious candidate, so i’m guessing the racial attacks and homophobia will be their m.o. from the git go. Or even earlier. And my area of the district – because we voted for Todd – will be ignored, or even demonized.

For someone who lives in this city because he believes in it, and who honestly amens to MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, this is more than a little upsetting.

Fifth, what does this mean for B’ham? Apparently Joe Reed and company think the white folks of HD 54 are a bunch of Bull Conors. Hence their fear that we would elect a representative who wll help redraw the lines so as to eliminate black representatives. Anyone even passingly familiar with the district knows how ridiculous that is. But that is their attitude. And, irony of ironies, Gaynell Hendricks’s husband recently lost his city council spot to William Bell in part because Hendricks the husband was portrayed as ‘not black enough.’

In short, it looks like being white is political death in B’ham. So why, as a white person, ought I give a s**t about what happens to this city? Why shouldn’t I take my professional skills, disposable income, and civic minded spirit over the mountain with the rest of “my people?”

These are all distressing issues. My only hope at this point? That Patricia Todd’s work will shut the fools up. I’m confident in her. And I’m confident that the average voter – black or white – will appreciate what she does. I’m confident that the lesson drawn from her first term in office will be the radical concept that what matters is merit.

Sure the power brokers will try to make the next election about race. But people are smarter than that. As long as they have the facts, they’ll do the right thing. So, Patricia Todd, give them the facts. Keep in close touch with the entire district. Counter the lies with the truth. And start immediately, because you know the power-hungry will be hard at work to misrepresent you. But if folks understand the truth, they will reject Joe Reed and company.

And maybe that will start a trend. Maybe we can start electing the best person for the job, rather than worrying about political, racial, and even sexual status. The result: A better city and state for us all.

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12 Comments on “Dems Do The Right Thing, But I’m Still Depressed”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Gaynell Hendricks said after the meeting that she would respect the decision, and she wished Patricia well. Given that everything in the election contest other than the 1974 rule was rendered moot, she doesn’t have grounds for a suit now (not that that ever stopped anyone.

    The scary thing was watching Frank Matthews bellowing about “n*iggers and gays”, telling people to get the f*ck out of his way, and then talking about a write-in campaign. I don’t think he stands a chance, but he can make life miserable for Patricia till November.

  2. Wheeler Says:

    hopefully hendricks is true to her word.

    as for matthews, that guy is nuts anyway. he’s a local version of pat buchanan: always running on prejudices and hatred, but always losing. i’m not worried about him causing trouble, though his attitude is very scary.

    what really bothers me is the two larger questions i posed, and also what is going to happen in the next election. in this contest, once joe reed and his folks realized todd was going to win, all the nasty stuff came out in full force. next time, they know from the start that she is a serious candidate, so i’m guessing the racial attacks and homophobia will be their m.o. from the get go. or even earlier. and my area of the district – because we voted for todd – will be ignored, or even demonized.

    for someone who lives in this city because he believes in it, and who honestly amens to mlk’s ‘i have a dream’ speech, this is more than a little upsetting.

    my only hope? that patricia todd’s work will shut these fools up. i’m confident in her. and i’m confident that the average voter – black or white – will appreciate it. as for whether that will matter to joe reed and company, well, based on the last few months, what do you think?

  3. Kathy Says:

    Wheeler, I don’t blame you for worrying. I have the same fear. Perhaps the fact that the party leadership dealt with this, rather than going through a court challenge, will ease the bad feelings a bit more quickly. Patricia does have some powerful black community leaders in her corner, and she has no problem reaching out to her constituents, no matter what color they happen to be. I think that ability will serve her well. And I hope I’m not being overly optimistic.

  4. Dan Says:

    Amen, wheeler.

  5. Humpty Dumpty Says:

    Hey I’m seeing a pattern. Mention the klan, and other untouchables, and then put in “immigrant bashing”.

    Old old trick from the left, which no doubt you think is new. So, keep pushing the false relationship between the two. It is a false comparison, one of many of your countless logically fallacies.

    As if there is ANY “immigrant bashing”. There is no “bashing”. If so, and it is anything more than a rare exception, please point it out. Tancredo’s Immigration caucus in congress has many reps on board already. Defending your nation’s laws from illegal intruders is not “bashing”. How you are a lawyer with no concept of what ILLEGAL means, I dont know.

    In any case, you are neither original in your klan = immigration restriction. It’s been done many times before.

    I’m looking forward to hearing any logic from you, other than saying “klan” a lot and calling your opponents “nuts” without any proof.

  6. Kathy Says:

    Oh, look! It’s Larry Darby again, using yet another pseudonym. Larry, if you’re so proud of your views, why don’t you use your real name?

  7. Dan Says:

    “Logically fallacies”?

    Learn to spell and use proper grammar, then I may get into a discussion about argumentation theory.

  8. Humpty Dumpty Says:

    So you will show me your superior logic, as long as I stop making minor typos in an anonymous internet posting? I dont proofread messages to this site, it is worthless as a site, I just do it to smash you hippies’ lame assertions.

    Hmmm. . . do people with such superior logic as you dismiss arguments on the pretext of a minor typo? If you are so superior, you would have addressed my points. But like all ‘liberals’, you didn’t, because you can’t.

    (ps as if you are using your real name. . . certainly not your full name, and you effectively anonymous)

  9. Wheeler Says:


    “The Ku Klux Klan led an anti-immigration march Saturday in Russellville, the seat of Franklin County.”

    does that mean everyone who wants to regulate immigration is a klansman? of course not. but i do think you are an idiot if you do not recognize the similarities between some of the stronger anti-immigration rhetoric and the klan’s beliefs.

  10. Dystopos Says:

    Also the fact that the Klan’s greatest political power came during the 1920s when immigration was easy to perceive as a threat to things that rational people hold dear (employment, access to social services, public health) and not just to things that bigots want to accomplish.

    Anyway, I think Wheeler’s hopes are right on target, but it will be an uphill battle for Todd. I’m guessing that others in the legislative delegation and in the house as a whole will be leery of being connected to her.

    I think she was the best candidate for the job, but that the party’s shame-faces tactics may have hobbled her effectiveness — and it is her effectiveness that will be an issue, a legitimate issue at that, in the next election.

  11. Humpty Dumpty Says:

    There are no substantial “similarities” between immigration reform and KKK lynchings. By the same token, I could associate your left wing liberal beliefs with Communism, the red guards, and the bolsheviks. After all you share ‘similarities’ in that you are left of center. . . right?

    As far as the 1920’s immigration reform, those were almost entirely white immigrants at the time. It was not racially motivated.

    You see, normal people (not brainwashed liberals who are over educated with political correct propaganda) wish to see their country’s culture and character preserved, and keep a close eye on who comes into the land they live in. Mexico, Japan, China, all make it very, very difficult to immigrate into.

    Are they in the “KKK” too?

    I sort of feel sorry for you, unable to argue a point without calling people “nuts” and inferring they are in bed with the KKK, an organization that for all practical purposes DOES NOT EVEN EXIST ANYMORE.

  12. […] Thankfully while I was out of town the Alabama Democratic Party (or what’s left of it) Did The Right Thing© and upheld Patricia Todd’s election to the House District 54 seat. Read more about the near debacle here and here. […]

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