Outraged Over District 54?

I have several solutions for you.  

But first, if you want an excellent and short summary of the entire situation, read Wade’s account. In concluding it, he provides what is so far my favorite quote about the matter:

So the question is: Which is worse in Alabama politics: being gay, black, white, female, corrupt, a sore loser, a Democrat or a complete ass? The answer will be revealed this weekend.

Now, on to the therapy.  

First, you could use your anger constructively. Kathy has pertinent contact info so that you can appropriately direct your frustrations about yesterday’s hearing.

Or you could get rid of those nasty vibes by thinking happy thoughts. Danny has some reasons why the results of yesterdays hearing – though atrocious – could have been worse, and may not do any long term harm.

Or indulge your anger, relish it, bathe in its awful power. Go ahead and make it worse by reminding yourself that the Democratic Party leadership does not have a monopoly on dumbasses:

The Alabama Republican Party on Thursday said a liberal ruling by Jefferson County Circuit Judge Robert Vance, Jr., who was appointed to office by Don Siegelman, may be an attempt to help Democrats at the ballot box in the fall.

Vance’s controversial ruling ordered registrars to begin allowing felons across the state to register to vote, including those currently incarcerated in Alabama prisons. The state’s chief elections official told the Birmingham News that the ruling might require voting stations to be placed in Alabama prisons.

The head of the Alabama Republican Party responded strongly to the ruling.

“The Alabama Republican Party has consistently opposed the automatic restoration of voting rights for ex-felons, and we certainly don’t believe incarcerated felons should help decide the future of our state,” GOP chair Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh said. “With a tap of his gavel, Don Siegelman’s hand-picked judge may have given convicted drug dealers, and other incarcerated felons the same right to vote that honest and upstanding citizens enjoy.”

Cavanaugh referenced both the timing and broad scope of the ruling and questioned if it was intended to assist Lucy Baxley and other Democrats in the November election.

“The plaintiffs who brought the suit were ex-felons who had already served their time, yet the judge’s ruling extended voting rights to all felons, including those currently serving time in Alabama prisons,” Cavanaugh said. “The scope of the ruling and the fact that it comes just before the general election makes us wonder if partisan politics are at play.”

Note she doesn’t say that the reasoning of the ruling makes her wonder if it is politically motivated. Probably that is because she has not read it. And why should she? Why let facts get in the way of attacking someone’s good character?

Furthermore, you have to love the hypocrisy of someone who constantly harps about judicial activism complaining about a decision that punts the issue to the legislature, a fact she omits from her screed. Again, though, why let facts interfere with an attempt to demonize your opponents?

I swear to you, I wonder if this woman is a human being, or else just a machine programmed to spew cliches.   

In any event, like I said here, regardless of whether the opinion was good, bad, or indifferent, the decision is not going to let anyone vote who could not vote before the election.

Finally, you could direct your anger at a entirely different target: our federal government:

A German native who was imprisoned by the U.S. military at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was released Thursday, more than 18 months after a federal judge in Washington ruled there was insufficient evidence to detain him.

Murat Kurnaz, 24, a Turkish citizen who was born and raised in Germany, was flown to Ramstein Air Base in Germany and reunited with his mother, Rabiye Kurnaz, after spending more than four years as a prisoner at Guantanamo, according to his lawyers. . . .

Without identifying Kurnaz by name, the Pentagon confirmed his release, saying that an administrative review board at Guantanamo had recommended his transfer to Germany. “The United States does not desire to hold detainees any longer than necessary,” the Defense Department said in a statement.

Kurnaz was detained in Pakistan in October 2001 and taken to Guantanamo a few months later on suspicion that he was a supporter of al-Qaeda. But records in his case show that the evidence against him was thin from the start.

By early 2002, U.S. military intelligence and German law enforcement authorities had largely concluded there was no information linking Kurnaz to al-Qaeda or terrorist activities, according to declassified records in his case that were made public last year.

A military tribunal at Guantanamo nevertheless concluded that he should remain in prison, citing a single unsubstantiated report from an unnamed U.S. government official alleging that Kurnaz was an al-Qaeda member who had been trying to reach Afghanistan to fight U.S. forces.

In January 2005, U.S. District Judge Joyce Hens Green criticized the military for ignoring evidence in Kurnaz’s favor and ruled that his detention was illegal. Her ruling was stayed while the government appealed.

Evidence? Due process? Honest truth seeking? Pshaw. That’s for pinko, America-hating, liberals.

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5 Comments on “Outraged Over District 54?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Have you seen this? Seems the Dems didn’t get DOJ approval for the 1974 rule change they used to disqualify Todd and Hendricks yesterday. Jeff called DOJ and confirmed. A Republican may save the Dems from themselves this time.

  2. Wade Says:

    As a resident in District 54, I’d like to announce that we’re seceding from the state effective immediately.

    So long, suckers!

  3. Humpty Dumpty Says:

    Looks like “diversity” in the democratic ‘party’ isnt getting along very well. You would think the “privileged” white female, who no doubt believes firmly in affirmative action, would honorably give up her spot for the great-great-grandchild of slaves.

    But alas! We cannot expect the left-wing “activist” to actually practice what she preaches to others. . .

  4. Jen Says:

    Why should Patricia Todd give up her seat to someone just because that someone is black? If you think that’s what affirmative action is, then I think you need to do a little more research on the issue. One definition of the policy states, “Positive steps to enhance the diversity of some group….” Now, to my thinking (and many others – Republican or Democrat), having an openly gay person represent an Alabama district is a definite sign of diversity. Whether that diversity is good, bad, or indifferent is where people start to disagree.

    And, may I ask why you use quotation marks so liberally (no pun intended)? Is it because you’re scared of words like activist, diversity, and party? Or because you don’t really know what they mean?

    And lastly, should we really pity Gaynell Hendricks for being, as you quote, “the great-great-grandchild of slaves”? Even if that is true (which I have no evidence to believe one way or the other), can we really pity someone “who was once one of four black households in all of Mountain Brook”? (See http://www.bhamweekly.com/archived/pages/20060817_war%20on%20dumb.php.)

  5. […] Still, it may be worth watching, if for no other reason than to test my theory that Twinkle is a cyborg. Maybe there will be one or two unscripted questions that call for an answer other than “liberal” or “activist court” or “traditional values.” You know, something like “what is the capital of Alabama?” Then, if she responds with one of those phrases, I will know my theory is correct: She is a machine programmed to spew nothing but right wing cliches and catch phrases. Explore posts in the same categories: Elections, Goobers […]

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