Jesus Hates Poor People

We have some information about the specific reasons that the Alabama Christian Coalition is splitting from the national coalition. John Giles has already said it is because the National coalition is too liberal.

So what makes them so liberal that Giles had to cut ties with them? Are they advocating the legalization of beastiality? Have they declared their support for Al Quaeda? Do they think going to church ought to be a crime? Did they sacrifice newborns in supplication of divine aid for Hillary in ’08? Those are all typical liberal activities, right? Maybe so, but the heresy of the Christian Coalition of America is even worse:

Giles said the relationship between the state affiliate and national organization began to deteriorate in 2003 when [National Director Roberta] Combs appeared in Alabama, without Giles’ knowledge, to endorse Gov. Bob Riley’s $1.2 billion tax plan after the Christian Coalition of Alabama had come out against it.

Giles said the relationship worsened as the national organization drifted from its original tenets to address environmental and economic issues, like raising the minimum wage.

What else is there to say? Not much other than if you had any doubts that Giles is nothing more than a partisan operative using religion as camoflage, this ought to eliminate them.

You know what else? Once again, Giles is using the “L” word as a way to hide from the real issues, which may involve a visit from the tax man. Seems the National Coalition was about to dump Alabama:

At the same time Giles was sending a letter to the national organization, the national group was sending a letter to the Christian Coalition of Alabama about terminating the agreement between the national and state organizations National President Roberta Combs said the national organization settled a lawsuit with the Internal Revenue Service last year that allowed the Christian Coalition to maintain its tax-exempt status and keep publishing voter guides, provided the voter guides met specific guidelines. Under those guidelines, state affiliates must submit their candidate surveys to the national organization for review before publishing them in a voter guide, she said.

Following the guidelines and maintaining the tax-exempt status is critical for getting the voter guides distributed in churches, she said.

Instead, the national organization learned Tuesday that Giles’ group had distributed a candidate questionnaire without submitting it to the national organization for review, she said.

In sum, to remain a tax exempt organization, the National Coalition had to dump Giles. To save face, Giles had to deploy a pre-emptive strike. But he is still doing the stuff that got the National Party in trouble.

Now the only question remaining is when will the IRS come knocking on the door of the organization formerly known as the Alabama Christian Coalition?

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3 Comments on “Jesus Hates Poor People”

  1. Kathy Says:

    This sounds a bit like the dispute between Tom Cruise and Paramount over who fired whom.

  2. […] UPDATE:  It turns out the national organization was in the process of dumping the Alabama chapter because John Giles can’t follow the rules, particularly when it comes to his precious voter guides.  Could we see a visit from the IRS in his future (oh please, oh please, oh please)?  Wheeler has the story at Alablawg.  […]

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