A New Name For The Alabama Christian Coalition

Loretta Nall reports on her blog:

MONTGOMERY-Today Christian Coalition of Alabama officials announced the formal notice of a name change. In a letter to Roberta Combs dated August 22, 2006, Christian Coalition of Alabama President John Giles stated, “I have been commissioned and authorized by the Board of Directors of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, Inc. to notify you as Chairman and President of the Christian Coalition of America of our plans to change the name of our state organization.” Alabama joins Iowa and Ohio state chapters in the departure as state affiliates of the Christian Coalition of America.

CCA Board of Directors is currently developing a new name and logo for the state operation, which will be unveiled on or before November 1, 2006.

Why? Are they ashamed of Christians? Or Alabama? Or Coalitions? Or maybe because the current name is synonymous with religious sheisters they think they need a new brand? Perhaps the dissonance between their name and their actions has become too loud for even John Giles to bear, and so, actions being much harder to change, the name is out of here?   

I don’t know, but whatever you think, be sure to take part in Loretta Nall’s Christian Coalition Name Change Contest.

UPDATE: Kathy has part of the anouncement on her site, and that part has the reason for the change, which is: The National Christian Coalition is . . . . TOO LIBERAL. I’m serious. Here are the words of the John Giles, president of organization formerly known as the Christian Coalition of Alabama:

“In every major public policy debate, it is almost guaranteed that the liberal forces opposing our view will try to redefine who we are and feverishly attempt to amend our tenets and mission. The Christian Coalition of America has demonstrated by their actions in word and in deed a desire to drift from our founding tenets. The Christian Coalition of America has left us, we have not left them,” Giles concluded.

I’ve heard it said that a fundamentalist is someone who thinks Billy Graham is a liberal. What does that make John Giles and the Alabama Christian Coalition?

Whatever else it means, this move and its rationale certainly mean Alabamians ought to take Gile’s future use of the word ‘liberal’ with a large grain of salt. In other words, if he can call the Christian Coalition of America liberals, then every politician in the entire state of Alabama also deserves the term. Which means the term is useless. Kind of like Giles himself.

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12 Comments on “A New Name For The Alabama Christian Coalition”

  1. Willie Says:

    I think they are breaking with the mother organization because they view the umbrella group as not conservative enough. I vaguely remember some woman who I believe is president of CCA criticizing the Alabama branch.

  2. wheeler Says:

    i update the post, and willie you were dead on.

    i hope we can find out what the specific point of disagreement was.

  3. Dan Says:

    Yeah. I really hope Giles comes out with a list of grieviences, but his record of dislcosure, of course, is pretty bad.

  4. wheeler Says:

    “I really hope Giles comes out with a list of grieviences.”

    that would make a great letterman top ten.

  5. Spanky Says:

    Two items mentioned were the national groups support of raising the minimum wage and protecting the environment.
    Jesus definately could not support liberal ideas such as these!

  6. Kathy Says:

    The national organization also supported Amendment One and tax reform in general for Alabama. That didn’t go over too well with Mr. Giles, who is highly opposed to making life easier for the poor.

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  8. MCF Says:

    Wow…just wow.

    Well, all I can say is: it’s about time. As conservative as the national Christian Coalition is, it is at least somewhat serious about the “Christian” part. The Christian Coalition of Alabama has nothing to do with Christianity.

  9. Christian Coalition Drops National Charter

    This is a major surprise to me, as while the National Orginization may not have the exact same views, how much influence did they have in the going ons of the state orginization. If there are differances, why not try to come to an agreement, instead of…

  10. Spanky Says:

    It now looks like the Alabama chapter was in the process of being booted out by the national organization for violating an agreement with the IRS.

  11. cheifmanytypos Says:

    Not that I support Giles, but how would amendment 1 help the poor? The legislature subsequently lowered taxes on the “poor” without the massive tax increase

  12. john Says:

    Man, it is so creepy all these liberal blogs that “watch” and “track” any conservative (“far right”) activity. I simply googled Christian Coalition of Alabama to find out about their gubernatorial forum and got tons of hits, almost all of which were liberal sites lambasting the group or making fun of them. I’m not a member myself, but don’t you people have lives and jobs to attend to?

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