“I’m Sorry I Had To Fight In The Middle Of Your Black Panther Party”

In the news today:

John Hulett, a civil rights pioneer who helped found the organization that became the Black Panther Party, died Monday after years of declining health. He was 78.

The story has much more information than that quote and Hulett sounds like an amazing guy:

Hulett returned home to become one of Alabama’s leading black politicians and a top Democrat in the Black Belt region.

In 1970, he was elected Lowndes County sheriff — a position he held for more than 20 years before being elected probate judge. One of his sons currently serves as probate judge.

“John Hulett was a very humble person and you could mistake that humbleness for weakness,” said state Sen. Hank Sanders, D-Selma. “He didn’t act like he was in charge, but he was always in charge. He didn’t act like he was smart, but he was as smart as they come.”

As sheriff, Hulett helped in several capacities because his staff was so small. Besides supervising inmates at the county jail, he cooked for them and helped them turn around their lives.

After he retired, Hulett led Lowndes County’s clean-up program and picked up empty soft drink cans and beer bottles from ditches and roads.

But, really, all I have to say about that is one of my all time favorite movie scenes is the one in Forest Gump when Forest, who has inadvertently entered a meeting of the Black Panthers, first sees Panthers sympathizer and all around low life Wesley hit Jenny and then responds by immediately beating the ever-loving-crap out of Wesley. Then he turns to Jenny and says “He should not be hitting you.” Classic.  

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